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DoIT's Web Hosting service can assist all UW-Madison customers who require redirection of a URL/domain to a new location. 

This service is available free of charge!

Looking to obtain a vanity URL?  -- Please see the goUW URL-shortening service for the UW-Madison campus community

Redirect Options:

Please contact webhosting@doit.wisc.edu if you would like to implement a redirect on your current website.  If you canceling your account please see: Web Hosting - Inactivating Your Account or Additional Domain

Select one of the following redirect methods:

Option 1

Redirect all requests for myolddomain.wisc.edu to an informational page explaining that the site has a new URL and instructing users to update their bookmarks/links. Users will then be automatically bounced to the home page of mynewdomain.wisc.edu after 10 seconds via meta refresh.

Option 2

Automatically redirect all requests for any pages within myolddomain.wisc.edu/* to the home page of mynewdomain.wisc.edu (other examples: mynewdomain.wisc.edu/subsite/ or mynewdomain.wisc.edu/subsite/newpage.html)

Option 3

Automatically redirect all requests for myolddomain.wisc.edu/* and match the relative path to the page at mynewdomain.wisc.edu/*.

For Example: myolddomain.wisc.edu/subfolder/page.html ⇒ mynewdomain.wisc.edu/subfolder/page.html

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