Main Screen Features

The main program listing screen in CSIS defaults to a department's programs and the current fiscal year. The content can be filtered in several ways to narrow the listing. A program can also be searched for specifically.

Content can be filtered by:  Department, Fiscal Year, Program Director or Program Associate, Specialty or Subject Area, Administrative Status and Marketing Status.

2-Additional Filters:
Click the additional filters button to

  • See a group of programs by date range
  • Filter a list of programs by "primary specialty only"
  • See only "new" programs - programs being offered for the first time
  • "Emergency Cancellation Notification" - a list of programs that are happening on a specific date regardless of their start and end date.
Columns can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.

4-Actions Tab:

From the actions tab you can:
  • Format the program listing displayed for printing
  • Create a new program
  • Create a new series
  • Delete Checked Programs - this function is restricted by permissions.  Only administrators can "delete" programs.
  • Export participant data to Excel for programs that are checked.  This is a way to export participants for a group of programs into one document.  You can also export participants for one specific program from within the IF.
  • Save Filter Defaults. The filters used to display programs can be set to default to a particular group of selections.  If a user desires to have the default screen always appear in a particular way, set the filters as you desire and then use "Save Filter Defaults" to save your selections.  When the user returns again to this screen, your selections will be displayed as you had saved them previously.
  • You can also set the columns that you wish to be displayed on your main screen. In the above illustration, all available options for columns displayed are checked and therefor all those columns appear in the default main screen.  If desired, the user can uncheck some of those boxes so that fewer columns appear. The screen will refresh immediately as you make your selections and will be saved for the next time you display the screen.

5-Other Features:

  • Program count of selections in bottom left corner.
  • Link to CSIS help email - bottom center.
  • There is also a link to access the CSIS Knowledge Base (KB).

Use the Search Icon in the upper left corner to search for a program or group of programs by title, key words or program number.  Search icon

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