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View Training Completions for your BioARROW Protocol Study Team Members

In the protocol workspace, under “Activities”, select the option “View Study Team Training". This will bring up a window displaying the names of your protocol's Study Team Members and their Training Status. 

The training information in the "View Study Team Training" is accurate within 1-3 business days.

To view training for an individual, select their name to open a display of the training courses that individual is required to complete for the protocol.

Training status will show as Complete, Incomplete, Renew, Expired or Exempt.  For each training course, the most recent completion date will be displayed under "Completed".  The "Expiration" column displays when that training expires and will need to be renewed to remain in compliance with this protocol.


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Training Required for Biosafety Protocols

Biosafety training courses are available in Learn@UW Canvas using your NetID login. All required training must be completed before the protocol or amendment can be approved. 

  • Biosafety Required Training: this course is required for all personnel listed on the biosafety protocol. This training must be renewed every 5 years

  • Biosafety 102: Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) for Laboratory and Research: this course is required for all personnel listed in the bloodborne pathogen section of the biosafety protocol. *If you complete BBP training through UW Hospital and Clinics, you may not be required to complete Biosafety 102. Please contact Biosafety for more information. BBP training must be renewed annually

  • DURC: this course is required for certain protocols and must be renewed every 3 years.

Please see our website for more course information and registration links to the courses:


VCRGE Training Lookup Tool

If you are interested in training records for your personnel for other safety courses, please visit the VCRGE Training Lookup Tool: . The Training Lookup Tool requires a NetID login to access.

Anyone with a NetID can use the Lookup tool to look up other individuals' training records.


Training Updates Within 3 Days

Please allow up to 3 days for your training completion to update

The training information in the Lookup Tool and the BioARROW Training View is accurate within 1-3 business days.

Contact OBS is your training is not updated within this time frame 


Need a NetID login for Canvas or ARROW?

UW NetID is used to log in to applications at UW-Madison & UW-System. You must use a NetID to access the ARROW protocol system and the Learn@UW Canvas online course system. NetID login service is maintained by UW-Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT)

New UW-Madison Faculty/Staff and Students

A NetID should be issued to you upon employment or student registration and you would have set up a password. Your NetID may look like an email such as ""; "name123" is your NetID. If you do not have a NetID, please contact your PI or lab manager/supervisor.

If your NetID is not working to log in to Canvas or ARROW, please see the NetID Help documents and inform your PI or lab manager/supervisor.

NetID for non-UW Lab Members (guests, visitors, volunteers)

A NetID can be requested for individuals from outside UW who will work on your lab and must access Canvas biosafety trainings and the BioARROW protocol.

Step 1: The PI or Lab Manager/designee should see if their local/department HR representatives have or are planning to submit a request for the visitor(s) NetID. If so, then please follow up with your HR until your visitor has the NetID information. Please request that the NetID be set up to have Canvas access.

Step 2: If you have confirmed that your local/department HR will not set up a NetID for the visitor(s), then you may contact the OBS Biosafety Trainer and request visitor(s) NetID setup. We will need each individual's name and email.

  • If the individual has an "" email, then they likely already have a NetID. We cannot set another one up for you. Contact the DoIT Help Desk if you don't remember your NetID.

Step 3: Once NetID setup is initiated for you, then you will receive an email invitation from "Manifest" to begin your setup process. Please follow the email prompts to setup your NetID. You will receive an email confirmation from the Manifest system when the setup is complete.

New NetID Delay

It may take up to 4 days for the new NetID to be recognized by Canvas and/or ARROW. You will not be able to log in right away with your new NetID.

To avoid frustration, please wait at least 1 day before attempting to log in to Canvas or ARROW. And continue to attempt logins for up to 4 days.

After 4 days, if you are:

  • unable to log in to Canvas, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for troubleshooting. OBS cannot troubleshoot this issue with you.
  • unable to log in to ARROW, please contact OBS Biosafety Trainer for assistance  

Still have questions?

Call the Office of Biological Safety (OBS) at 608-263-2037. We are happy to help you.

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