IRB Member Responsibilities

This page includes the responsibilities of ED/SBS IRB members

The following includes the responsibilities of those serving as members of the ED/SBS IRB.

Full Review Meetings
Meetings are every 2nd Wednesday of month at 9:00 am in B137 Lathrop Hall. A list of all the meeting dates for the year can be found here.  Regular meeting attendance is expected, as is arriving on time and remaining for the entire meeting.

Approximately one week before scheduled meetings, an email will be sent requesting confirmation of attendance at the upcoming meeting.  Please respond promptly to confirm or refute attendance, allowing for time to make appropriate reviewer assignments. 
  • Even if a member will not be present for a meeting, protocols may still be assigned for review if there is a particular expertise needed.  In that case, comments/recommendations should be sent via email to the assigned Staff Reviewer and IRB Director.
In the case of an unexpected conflict, review will still be expected in most cases. Please notify the IRB office staff and send completed reviews via email to the assigned Staff Reviewer and IRB Director. If review(s) cannot be completed, contact the IRB Director as soon as possible, to attempt to reassign protocol(s) to another committee member if possible.

Expedited Review Subcommittee Meetings
The ED/SBS IRB expedited review subcommittee will meet every week to conduct expedited reviews. The subcommittee meeting location is 310 Lathrop Hall at 9:00 AM, or 8:30 AM in B137 on the days when the Full committee meets.  Expedited reviewer assignments and dates can be found here.

The subcommittee consists of the following IRB members: IRB Director, Assistant Directors, and one other committee member.  
As there is no way to predict the specific expertise that will be required in any given week, any IRB member may be asked, one week in advance, to review a protocol and send reviewer comments via email for the subcommittee discussion.

To make other arrangements for subcommittee meetings (meeting on a day other than the scheduled date, calling in rather than meeting in person, etc.) please work with the IRB office. 

To switch assigned dates, please work directly with other IRB member(s) and inform the IRB office of any changes made. 

Accessing Materials for IRB Meetings
Please see IRB Member Review Guide for expectations and steps for each reviewer role (primary, secondary and expedited).

Full Review Meetings
When the full review agenda has been finalized for a meeting, members who have been scheduled to attend that meeting will receive an automatic email notification from ARROW that the materials are ready for review.  The agenda is typically finalized a week before the meeting.  Please see IRB Member Review Guide: Reviewing in ARROW for assistance navigating the IRB member workspace. For Continuing Review and Change applications, IRB Member Review Guide: Reviewing in ARROW outlines how to navigate the electronic submission portal and ensures that IRB members can access the full protocol file--Initial application, as well as any amendments.

Identify items for which you are assigned as a Primary or Secondary Reviewer.  The agenda reflects who has been assigned as Primary and Secondary Reviewers; Primary and Secondary Reviewers will also have access to assigned items under the ED/SBS: Full tab in the IRB member workspace.

Expedited Reviews
Applications assigned to IRB members for expedited review or as a consultant for expertise, are available on the ED/SBS: Expedited & Other tab in the IRB member workspace.  
  • Agendas for the expedited review subcommittee meetings will be sent via email approximately a week before the meeting;
  • Applications requiring specific expertise will be assigned to an IRB member consultant and the Staff Reviewer will notify assigned members via email of the assignment(s) and timeline for review.
Conflict of Interest
Members with a potential conflict of interest related to a study should inform the IRB Chair or Director and be recused from the final discussion and vote.

Assigned reviewers with a potential conflict of interest should inform the IRB Director of the conflict as soon as possible, so that a re-assignment of the study can be made.

Other Responsibilities
Members are expected to serve as an advocate for the IRB, as well as a liaison between the IRB and academic department(s) by bringing back any useful information to share with colleagues.

Additional Resources
The ED/SBS IRB’s Knowledgebase (KB) website, especially the For IRB Members link, will be a helpful source of information:
  • IRB Member Review instructions;
  • Full meeting dates;
  • Expedited Review subcommittee schedule.
Who to Contact
Questions about a specific study assigned for review should be directed to the Staff Reviewer; Staff Reviewer contact information can be found here.  

All other questions can be directed to the IRB Director at (608-263-2320).

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