DCS - FPF - Program Costs

The next section of the Financial Planning Form is the Program Costs section.

"Set Default Costs" is skipped when creating a program for scratch.

Costs Per Enrollee

When an estimated participant number is entered in the Financial Calculator box, the system will calculate per participant cost totals for you.  In the example below, 30 participants is entered in the "Projected Enrollment" box.  It is estimated that $15 will be spent per participant on Materials/Handouts; $10 per participant on Meals/Food Service; $1.50 per participant is estimated to be spent on Credit Card Charges; $7.25 is charged per participant by the Pyle Center Registration Office.  The total cost per Enrollee is $33.75 and the system calculates the total estimated cost to be:  $1012.50.

Instructor Costs

In this screen you will see totals in the gray boxes that are summaries of the numbers entered in the "Presenters" screen.  You cannot edit the grayed boxes.  If you want to make changes, they need to be made in the "Presenters" screen.  You can add estimates for Coordinator, Travel & Expense and "Other Pay.." if you wish.  The total at the bottom with recalculate as you enter numbers.  There is also a box on this screen to make notes about entries to provide a reviewer with additional information about entries.  An example would be: "$300 is added in Coordinator Travel and Expense for mileage to and from Conference site."

Marketing Costs

On this screen you see boxes to enter estimates for various marketing costs.  None of this information is pre-calculated when creating a program from scratch but the total at the bottom will refresh as you enter estimates and the total will be added to the Total Direct Costs box in the Financial Calculator.  A sample of this screen appears below.


The final screen in the Program Costs tab in the AV/Materials/Space screen.  This is a long list of possible cost categories that you can enter estimated costs in.  This list is populated by cost types.  Cost types are created under the main screen Finance Tab and Cost Types in the second line.  As you enter estimated costs on this screen, the total at the bottom is refreshed as well as the Financial Calculator at the left.

The final step is to save and print the form.

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