IF-Program Data

Access the Instructional Form by clicking on the IF icon to the right of each program in the program list.

The first screen of the Instructional Form will open.

Many of the fields on this screen are populated by the data entered from the Financial Planning Form:

Program name:  Populated by FPF
Series:  Not used in LAAS
Event dates/Times:  Populated by FPF

Registration is Required checkbox:
  There are some rare cases when a program does not require registration.  The registration required check box defaults to checked.  If you uncheck this box, several of the next fields of registration information are greyed out.

Ongoing Registration:
  This box should be checked if a program's participation dates are not a set time.  An example of this type of program would be an asynchronous online program where a student can enroll at any time during the fiscal year and can complete it at any time.  The registration link for this type of program would remain up for the entire fiscal year.  The program dates would span a fiscal  year:  7/1/2014 to 6/30/2015.  This check box defaults to unchecked.  If you check this box, the Register By and Late Registration until fields are greyed out.

Register by:  The register by date defaults to the first day of a program.  This field can be edited to the desired date.  This date controls how long a program is displayed on the web and is also downloaded in printed content if the "Register by" date is different than the program start date.

For Continuing Studies hybrid web pages:

  • If the "Register By" date is the same as the last day of the program - a one day event for example - then the hybrid page will display "Register anytime."
  • If the "Register By" dates is different thatn the first day of the program, then the hubrid page will display "Register by [the register by date]"
  • If the "Register By" date is the same as the first day of the program - a multi-day program - nothing will be displayed in the spot where "Register By" information is displayed in the above two scenarios.  The premise being that the registrant will presume that they must register before the first day of the program.
Late Registration Until:  By setting this date to a date past the program start date, the registration will remain up on the web until the designated date.  An example of why you might want to do this would be a dance class that meets weekly for 10 weeks and the instructor is ok with a student joining the class a week or two after it starts.

Maximum enrollment:  Enter a realistic number here of the number of participants you can except in a program.  This might be driven by the size of a room or an instructor's desire for a particular class size.  For online classes that might have an infinite student quota, you should enter a number that is realistic because reports from the Extension Registration System use this number to report available seats.

Onsite Registration Date/Time:
  This information is published on the Extension Registration System confirmation to a student.

Registration System: 

The drop down next to this field displays two choices:

  • Other Registration System
  • Ungerboeck Systems International (USI) - UWEX Registration
If you choose USI, when the program is setup at Extension it will make a connect to CSIS and create a url for registration.  The "url" link with turn blue and be underlined when the program is setup.

If you choose "Other...," two additional fields appear so that a unique url for registration or registration information can be entered.  Also a phone number for registration information.

City:  Populated by FPF
State:  Populated by FPF
Building/Location:  Populated by FPF
WI County Name:  Populated by FPF

Also see:  Locations Style Guide

Funding string at very bottom:

The screen defaults to the department's standard string for revenue deposits.  These fields can be edited for deposits into grants and other funding sources.

Click "Program Credits" to save this information and move to the next screen.

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