WiscIT - Incident Workflow

This document explains the standard workflow of a new incident in WiscIT.

When a new incident is created in WiscIT, it must follow a certain workflow process. The workflow process is used to indicate one of four different 'steps' a specific incident will be in over it's lifetime: Log the call, Troubleshoot, Resolved, Closed.

Incident Workflow Steps:

  1. The 'Log the Call' status indicates that a new incident has just been created. The Requestor field is typically filled out in the status before proceeding to the next step.

  2. The 'Troubleshoot' status indicates that the incident is being actively investigated. In this status, the Record of the Details field and the Classify fields are filled in.

  3. The 'Resolve' status indicates that the necessary work required to resolve the incident has been completed. An incident in this status can be re-opened if the work isn't completed. Consequently, the majority of incidents will end at this point in the workflow.

  4. The 'Closed' status indicates the end of the workflow. Once an incident reaches this status, it can no longer be re-opened or edited again.

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