Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 11-10-14

APPROVED 12-8-14

272 Bascom Hall
Monday, November 10, 2014
3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf called the meeting to order at 3:33 p.m.

Automatic Consent: The Academic Staff Assembly minutes of Monday, October 13, 2014, were approved as distributed.  

Guest: Kathi Kilgore, ASPRO
Kathi Kilgore gave an update on the legislative outlook following the elections.  The Senate will have a 19-14 Republican majority.  The Assembly has the possibility of two recounts. If nothing changes from the recounts, the Republicans will have 63 seats.  This is the largest Republican majority since 1957 in the Assembly.  Leadership elections for both houses are currently in progress.  Scott Fitzgerald was re-elected as the majority leader of the Senate.  Mary Lazich was elected the first female President of the Senate.  Robin Vos was re-elected as Speaker for the Assembly.  Jim Steineke was elected Assembly majority leader.  The Democratic leaders will be elected in the next week.

Following the selection of leadership, committee leadership will be decided.  There are two committees that oversee higher education.  There will be a new chair of the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities.  Sheila Harsdorf is likely to return as chair of the Senate Committee on Universities and Technical Colleges.  Alberta Darling and John Nygren are expected to return as co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee.  There have been some comments from various legislators about the UW System.

Guest: Jo Ann Carr, Ombuds Office
Jo Ann reported that Dale Burke has joined the Ombuds office this fall as a former classified staff member.  Tom Schwab will be new ombuds in January.  There was a slight decline in number of visitors last year.  The most common issues dealt with evaluative and supervisory relationships as well as conflicts with co-workers.  Jo Ann thanked the Assembly for its resolution last spring, but explained that due to the confidentiality of the office, they use the Provost as a conduit for policy issues.  

Guest: Sherry Boeger, Employee Assistance Office
Sherry explained that the Employee Assistance Office provides confidential consultation regarding personal or work concerns.  The office maintains relationships with human resources contacts to find out what the current issues are on campus.  Approximately 40% of their clients are academic staff.  The top reasons for visiting Employee Assistance include job-related stress, psychological or emotional difficulties, conflict in the work place, and occupational/career related concerns.  

Guest: Steve Lund, Academic Personnel Office
Steve shared layoff numbers with the Assembly.  Academic Staff Policies and Procedures (ASPP) requires APO review all layoff requests before a notice of layoff is sent.  Sometimes layoff notices are rescinded or employees find other positions so not everyone who receives a letter is laid off.  For 2011-12, there were 114 layoff letters issued, and 40 people were laid off.  For 2012-13, there were 157 layoff letters issued, and 34 people who were let go at the end of their notice period.  For 2013-14, there were 177 letters issued, and 43 people so far are out of work.  The number of layoff letters increased in 2013-14 due to one research center that had a significant reduction in work and had 45-50 academic staff members that received letters.  No academic staff have received layoff notices due to the anticipated state biennial budget.

Standing Committee and Other Reports
•    ASEC – Heather McFadden reported that the Assembly had once again received an ASEC highlights document.  She asked for feedback on this document.

Heather McFadden reported that the Academic Staff Institute will be held on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, at Union South.  Next month’s Assembly meeting will include legislation on hostile and intimidating behavior.

Resolution on Bridge Funding (ASA#450)
There was a motion to approve by Jennifer Sheridan (District #155).  Seconded.  Discussion centered around the meaning of bridge funding and the phrase “independent investigators.”  Motion approved with a few opposed.

Academic Staff Governance Priorities 2014-15 (ASA #536)
There was a motion to approve by Jenny Dahlberg (District #417).  Seconded.  Questions were asked about changes to the priorities due to the budget outlook and exit interviews for academic staff.  Motion approved.

Performance Management Mid-Point (ASA #534A)
There was a motion to approve by Michael Moscicke (ASEC).  Seconded.  Motion approved with one opposed.

Provost Report
There are tough times ahead.  The Ombuds report mentions the decrease of morale due to lack of salary increases and budget cuts.  The Deans are working on a budget cutting exercise, and we don’t know what will need to be implemented as a result of the next biennial budget.  The administration will communicate as best as they possibly can about upcoming issues.  

She encouraged people to look at the current strategic plan.  The current plan ends in 2014.  The plan is to catalog what has been done under the current goals in the strategic plan and then update the current plan accordingly.  She will distribute handouts about the strategic plan that will be sent electronically.  Feedback can be sent to the Provost office or Maury Cotter.

New Business
Bill Tishler announced that the first meeting of the representatives and alternates went well.  He plans to hold this meeting the Wednesday before each Assembly meeting.  Email reminders will be sent.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:57 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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