Microsoft 365 - Known Issues with OneDrive for Business

The following document outlines known issues with OneDrive for Business in UW-Madison's implementation of Office 365.

Limitations of OneDrive for Business

For a list of restrictions and limitations in OneDrive for Business, please review the following Microsoft Support documentation.

Known Issues

  • OneDrive unable to sync files or folders that have invalid characters

    Some characters are invalid when used in OneDrive files or folders which may result in sync errors. It is important to note that the file/folder characters you can use in MacOS or Windows are not suitable for the OneDrive environment. In order to resolve any sync issues, you will have to manually rename files with invalid characters. This error could only effect the file with incorrect characters but could potentially lead to sync issues with most of your OneDrive files. To get more information, please review this Microsoft Support documentation.

  • External users will not be able access a OneDrive for Business folder or file shared with them

    If you share a folder or file from your OneDrive for Business with an external user, the user will get a mail notification. When the user clicks on the link in the email message to access the folder or file, he or she will see a dialog box with an "access denied" message. This dialog box will block the external user from accessing the contents of the folder or file.

  • The "Get Link" option is not available when attempting to share a file or folder in OneDrive for Business.

    This feature is currently not enabled for UW-Madison's implementation of Office 365.

Troubleshooting Options

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 is a tool which can diagnose and fix many common Office 365 problems. The OneDrive for Business option I’m having a problem with OneDrive for Business now scans for the following issues:

  • Checks the option to manually or automatically update the NGSC+B to its latest version.
  • Reports all files that have sizes exceeding the limit.
  • Reports all files that have invalid characters in the names.
  • Reports all folders that have invalid characters or strings in the names.
  • Reports all paths exceeding the limit and provides a link to this KB article.

The tool is available from When you run this tool, the initial page will display several options, including the new option for OneDrive for Business - I'm having a problem with OneDrive for Business.

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