UW-Madison Box - File Size Limit

This document describes the current file size limit for files uploaded to your UW-Madison Box account.

UW-Madison Box users are able to upload individual files as large as 50GB to their accounts using the standard file upload method. Please note that the following restrictions apply:

  • Individual file upload size may be limited by the storage available in your UW-Madison Box account: UW-Madison Box - View Account Storage Usage and Limit.

  • Once the upload of a file has begun, you will not be able to pause or resume the upload. If there is an error, you will need to reattempt the upload. To troubleshoot file upload issues, please see the following Box support article: Troubleshooting Uploads to Box.

  • You should use a business-class Internet connection with upload and download speeds least 50Mbps when uploading large files. Please note that even with a 50Mbps connection, a 50GB file could take several hours to upload.

  • Any file larger than 5GB should be uploaded individually, and not in combination with other large files. If you need to upload multiple files at once that exceed 10GB in total, it is recommended that you use the Upload Folders option or use Using Box with FTP or FTPS. For bulk uploads that exceed 100GB, FTPS should be used.

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