Radiology - WIMR II Quick Start Guide

WIMR II conference room quick start guide walks user through the basics to access the system and display content.

When you walk in to the conference room all of the initial management happens at the console in the corner. 

To turn on the wall monitors you touch the console to turn it on if it is dark and then once you see the WI logo screen touch it again to get to the main interface. 

Console Splash Screen

Then you will seen the management panel home screen.

Management Panel Home Screen Image

Initially most of the time you will want to go to presentation as both Audio Conference and Video Conference are not fully implemented at the writing of this document.

Panel Presentation Page

This interface is very much an exercise in matching.   The orientation of the room is facing the three monitors.  So the left monitor is closest to the main desk and the right monitor is closest to the door.  If you are running your presentation off the desktop computer at the main desk select computer and then pick which of the monitors on which you want it to be displayed.  You can pick any combination of the monitors.

**NOTE** To hear computer audio over the PA you need to have your presentation playing on the center screen.  To make use of the built in house microphones and cameras for web conferencing you need to be running you session off the desktop computer and be sending to the center screen.

You can do the same with any other input you may have select the input and then select the monitor and then select the screen or screens upon which you would like it to be displayed. 

The laptop icon plugs into the monitor cables on the desk to the right of the desktop monitor. 

Touch Panel Laptop Screen

The floor boxes are circular wells in the floor of the room with black caps on them.  Inside the floor boxes are monitor cables with multiple dongles to fit with most any laptop or tablet.   After you have connected a computer to the input cables you select floor boxes and it will take you to another screen where you can pick which of the three floor boxes you would like to use.  These too are listed from left to right the same as the wall screens.  The left floor box is closest to the main desk and the right floor box is closest to the door. 

Touch Panel Floor Boxes Screen

You can also display the room cameras the same way.  The camera facing the television screens is called the instructor camera.  The one facing the audience is the audience camera.  You select the cameras button and it will take you to another screen where you have the choice of instructor camera or audience camera.  Select the camera you want to display and then select the screen or screens upon which you would like it to be displayed.

Touch Panel Camera Screen

If you are using gotomeeing web conferencing.  You can send the camera to the webconference by selecting the camera under cameras and choosing "Send to Web Conf" to make it be the active camera for the webconference. It is likely you will want to use the audience camera since you will be looking at the monitors to see the remote participants. 

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