Office 365 - Schedule an Event/Meeting with members of a WiscList

Office 365 users can use a WiscList to both send emails to the list and also schedule an event or meeting and invite the members of that same WiscList. Instead of individually adding each unique member to an invitation list, you can now just add the email address of the WiscList.

Steps to use a WiscList to invite a list of users:

Invite the WiscList

Enter the address of the WiscList ( into the attendee section of the calendar invitation. If the member of the list is set to receive mail, they will receive the invitation request.

Limits/Restrictions/Known Issues

  • If a member of the WiscList is not using a client that understands the Office 365 calendar invitation format, it will only be able to view the invite as a text message.
  • At first, only the WiscList address will be listed as an attendee within the organizer's calendar event. List members will only be added to the attendee list of the organizer only after they have responded to the meeting invitation and have sent a notification to the meeting organizer.
  • There is a WiscList list member limit - check WiscList site for additional information. If you have more members, create multiple lists.
  • There are Office 365 attendee limits - review these details.
  • Members of a WiscList can only be managed from within WiscList.
  • Any list member with a subscription type set to "No Mail" will be excluded from messages, and calendar invitations, sent to the address.
  • Important - the account (user, service, or resource account) must have the ability to send mail (or calendar invitation) to the WiscList. Learn more.

Work Flows

  • Setup contact(s) for each WiscList: for each WiscList you have enabled for scheduling, create/configure a contact within your calendar client to use this WiscList address. This will allow you to quickly add this address to any invitation.

  • If you commonly invite multiple lists to an event, create a contact for each list, then create a contact group which includes each of the list contacts you just created. When you are creating the event, just invite the contact group (which will invite all the list members you have included) to the event.

Effects of inviting non-Office 365 users to events

  • The WiscList and UW-Madison calendaring system are setup to work together via NetID Authentication.
  • Any invitee account outside of the UW-Madison calendaring system (non-NetID, or service accounts within a WiscList) are out of the support range of DoIT. Once the invitation has left the system, no guarantees can be made regarding the conditions of the invitation's arrival or functionality.

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