WiscIT Widget - Twitter Feed

Use this widget to see a running feed from Twitter through Cherwell.

What is a Twitter Feed?

Example of a Twitter Feed widget being used in a dashboard

Twitter feeds can be embedded into WiscIT Dashboards in a similar way to RSS feeds. These feeds can be used to keep track of a specific twitter account, and when it updates, will show you the most recent tweets from their feed.

A Twitter Feed could hypothetically be used within the WiscIT Client to keep an eye on a specific feed from their organization or another one. One-steps can be used to post twitter messages, so it could be used as a way to check and make sure that one-steps are running correctly.

Creating a Twitter Feed Widget

Example image of a twitter feed
Example of a the Twitter Feed Configuration

To create a simple Twitter Feed widget, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a new widget that can be edited. For more information on this, see WiscIT - Dashboard Overview.
  2. Name: Assign the name of the widget when viewed in the Widget Manager.
  3. Type: This is the type of widget that you're configuring. Make sure "Twitter Feed" is selected.
  4. Account: Select an account to use with Twitter. Note that the twitter account you sign into can be used by any WiscIT user to send or receive tweets. If you want to set one up, click the "..." and then the plus icon to begin setting one up. A menu will appear that has the steps for configuring the account.
  5. Select one of the following:
    • Show User's Tweets: This option allows you to enter a twitter handle which will load all of that user's tweets. For example, if we use the handle @Cherwell, Cherwell Software's tweets will appear in the widget.
    • Show Search Results: This option allows you to type in any term like you were searching it into twitter. You can also use hashtags to search if you are monitoring a specific event.

Once these options have been configured, click "OK" at the bottom of the window. The widget is now ready to be placed in a dashboard!

See [Link for document 42291 is unavailable at this time.] for instructions on creating a new dashboard with this widget or see WiscIT - Using the Dashboard Editor for help with adding this widget to an existing dashboard.

Advanced Configuration Options

You can use the Twitter Feed to launch one-steps using the "Create Actions" area on the widget. You can also set custom link colors for the URLs on the feed, and set how often the widget should refresh if the dashboard allows it to.