PI Portal: What if the info is incorrect?

The PI Portal imports information from many campus systems. It is not the system of record for compliance or administrative data. It's just a window onto information from various sources.

If you notice something here that looks incorrect:

  1. Go to the source system and change it, if you can.
  2. Contact an administrator or data steward and ask them about the data, because:
    1. It could be that the source system is supposed to work this way. For example, an account balance often reflects encumbered expenses, which have not yet been incurred. This can be confusing. However, for many purposes it's not incorrect.
    2. It could be that we are pulling from a data warehouse that is slightly out of sync with a live system. Typically, a data warehouse contains a snapshot of data from a live system. Your up-to-the-minute changes in the live system won't be evident in the data warehouse.
    3. It could be that someone is working on updating the data, and your update is in progress.
    4. It could be that a data entry error occurred.

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