Faculty Senate Minutes 2014-10-06

University of Wisconsin--Madison

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October 6, 2014

Chancellor Rebecca Blank called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. with 151 voting members present(108 needed for quorum).

1. Memorial Resolutions were offered for:

Professor Emeritus Elliot C. Dick. faculty document 2502
Professor Emeritus Eugene Farley. faculty document 2503
Professor Emeritus Richard Vowles. faculty document 2504
Professor Emeritus Maury White. faculty document 2505

2. Chancellor Rebecca Blank presented her State of the University address. She pointed out that the contiguous geography of this campus is a great advantage, offering interdisciplinary opportunities and educational benefits, as well as helping to recruit and retain top faculty and students. She reviewed her activities over the past year, focusing particularly on efforts at building relationships both on and off campus. The chancellor introduced her new leadership team and outlined two key areas of new activity: entrepreneurship and a federal policy office in Washington, DC. The main focus of the address was the intertwined topics of budget and legislative relations, including the biennial budget, fund balances, tuition, past and potential future cuts, compensation, fundraising, and the development of a new budget model. Chancellor Blank concluded with updates on two critical issues for the year: a diverse and inclusive campus and campus safety.

There were several questions.

3. Announcements/Informational Items
Prof. Jo Ellen Fair, University Committee (UC) Chair, introduced the UC members and outlined priorities and main topics for the coming year: budget modeling, HR redesign, implementation of the diversity framework, reorganization of the offices for research and graduate education, working groups on family leave policies and IRB procedures, hostile and intimidating conduct legislation, and ad hoc committees on academic boycotts and classified research policy.

4. Question Period.
There were no questions.

5. Minutes of the May 5, 2014, meeting were approved as distributed.

6. Chancellor Blank called attention to the document highlighting Faculty Senate business for 2013-2014.
faculty document 2506

7. Prof. Fair moved to confirm the appointment of Prof. Katherine McMahon (Civil and Environmental Engineering) to serve on the Campus Planning Committee for a 4-year term to represent environmental concerns.
The motion passed without a negative vote.


8. Prof. Kent Weigel submitted for information purposes the Committee on Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid 2013-2014 Annual Report
faculty document 2507
There was one question.

9. Prof. Emeritus Chris Kleinhenz submitted for information purposes the Ombuds Office for Faculty and Staff Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2013-2014.
faculty document 2508
There were no questions or comments.

10. Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf submitted for information purposes the University Academic Planning Council Annual Report for 2013-2014.
faculty document 2509
There were no questions or comments.


11. Prof. Jo Ellen Fair presented the first reading of the University Committee recommendations to amend Faculty Policy and Procedures 9.02. Cause for Discipline and 9.03. Cause for Dismissal 

12. and to add Section II-332 to faculty legislation Defining Language Describing Hostile and/or Intimidating Behavior. 
faculty documents 2510 and 2511.
There were several questions and comments.

13. Prof. Jo Ellen Fair moved to amend Faculty Policies and Procedures 1.30.A., 2.10.K., 3.04.B., and 5.11. Regarding the Default Parliamentary Manual. The motion passed without objection or comment.
faculty document 1597b

14. Dean Karl Scholz submitted for information purposes a recommendation to Close the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies.
faculty document 2512
There were no questions or comments.

15. Dean Karl Scholz submitted for information purposes a recommendation to Change the Name of the Department of Classics to the Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (CANES).  
faculty document 2513
There were no questions or comments.

16. Dean Julie Underwood submitted for information purposes a recommendation to Relocate the Department of Theatre and Drama from Letters & Science to the School of Education.

faculty document 2514
There were no questions or comments.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Steven K. Smith
Secretary of the Faculty

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