Microsoft 365 - Transfer Apple Notes Between Accounts

This document explains what happens to a user's Notes in the Apple operating system when removing their account as well as recommendations to ensure that users retain their previous notes.

Important: Notes can only be transferred if the original account they were created in is still configured for the machine the notes were written on.

Considerations when removing an account

  • Notes created for an account are local to the machine on which they were created. For example, if a user were to configure their account on two Apple machines and enable notes for the account on both of these machines, notes created on one machine would not be accessible to the same account on another machine.
  • Notes are tied to a specific account on an Apple Machine. If a mail/calendar account with Notes enabled is removed, the local notes tied to that account will be removed as well ('on my mac' notes will remain because they are not tied to a specific account).
  • Notes can be transferred using the drag and drop method. This works when transferring an account's notes to your local notes section, transferring notes from one account to another, and transferring notes between the same account configured with two different protocols (e.g. Exchange, IMAP). Steps to transfer notes are listed below.

Steps to transfer Notes

  1. Open the Notes program.
  2. From the top left of your screen, click the Notes drop-down menu and select accounts
    • Note: you can also access this accounts page by going to system preferences -> internet accounts
  3. Click on the + icon in the bottom left of the window to add a new account.
  4. Configure the new account you wish to transfer notes to and make sure to check the box which enables Notes for that account.
  5. In your Notes program, you should see at least two accounts in the left-hand column as well as an on my mac section. Select the account you wish to transfer notes from and then highlight the notes which you would like to transfer.
  6. Drag and drop the notes onto the account (in the left-hand column) you want the notes to be transferred to.
  7. Your notes should now be listed under your new account. If you wish, you may remove the account you transferred the notes from

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