KB User's Guide - News Tab - Searching for News Items

This document explains how to search within KB Admin Tools for posted news items.

To search for a news item, go to the News tab in KB Admin Tools and enter your criteria in the filters provided at the top of each queue; My News, My Group News, Shared-out News, Share-in News and All News.

The News Items Owned by My Group page on the News Tab. The search bar and filters are at the top of the page.

You can search for news items by any or all of the following fields:

ID or comma delimited IDs

Enter the news document ID in this field. If you have more than one ID, please delimit by comma.

Search term

Enter words from the title, summary or body of the News item you are seeking.


Search by Site. This field defaults to Internal and External. Or select: Internal, External, Internal only, External only or Shared-in from other group site(s) from the drop-down menu.


Allows you to search news items owned by a specific user. This field defaults to your name.


Allows you to adjust the number of results listed per page, defaults at 20 but ranges between 20 to 2000.

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