Dept ID / Fund Code / Program Code Combo Errors and No Budget Errors

Describes cause and solution to two common entry errors, the Dept ID/Fund Code/Program Code Combo error, and the No Budget error.

Dept ID/Fund Code/Program Code Combo error

This error occurs when SFS, the Shared Financial System that feeds to WISDM, doesn't have the selected Dept ID/Fund Code/Program Code** combination on the list of allowable combinations.  This error will prevent the entry of the funding into HRS. 

  • Dept ID = the six digit code that identifies your division with the first two digits, and the department with the last four digits.  For example, L&S Admin's department ID is 480200; 48 identifies L&S as the division, 0200 identifies L&S Admin as the department.
  • Fund = three digit code that tells us the source of the money.  Common Funds are 144- (federal sponsored projects), 133- (non-federal sponsored projects), 101- (General Purpose Revenue).
  • Program = a single digit code that identifies the type of activity the expense is paying for.  Common program codes are 2 for instruction and 4 for research.

In the WISDM project search or department search there will be no indication of a problem.  You need to check funding validity.  The funding validity can be checked as follows:  From the WISDM Main Menu select "Other" from the full down menu then select Funding Validation/Inquiry.  Enter the full funding string in the Funding Validity/Inquiry Screen including the program number.  Click on the check edits box and a message will appear if the funding is okay you will receive this message " The funding string entered is valid." If there is a problem you will  receive an error message. 

To fix this error, contact the L&S post-award office (Mary Machaj 3-2316) with the Dept ID, Fund, and Program code combo that is causing the error.  L&S post-award will fill out a form to request that the combo be allowed and submit it to Accounting Services.  As soon as Accounting Services makes the change, the combo will be allowable in HRS and the entry will be allowed.

No Budget Error

The No Budget error occurs when using 135- projects, which are Grad School funds.  Common 135- projects are Fall Competition awards, start up accounts, retention awards, and travel awards.  Unlike many projects in WISDM, the Grad School usually enters a budget into WISDM, indicating how much of the fund is for salary, fringe and supplies. 

The supply line item usually translates to "flexible" spending on recruitment and retention awards, and travel expenditures can be posted against these projects. However, if there is no "travel" line item in the budget the posts error out.

The solution is to contact the L&S post award office (Ben Ball, 5-1170) to request that the Grad School accountant go into SFS and add a $0 "travel" budget line item for the project.  After the update is made, users should be able to re-process the transaction successfully

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