Faculty Senate Minutes 2012-05-07

University of Wisconsin--Madison

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May 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Interim Chancellor David Ward at 3:33 p.m. with 156 voting members present.

1. Memorial resolutions were presented for:

Professor Emeritus James F. Crow. faculty document 2338
Professor Emeritus Robert K. Ham. faculty document 2339
Assistant Professor Emeritus Dean E. Jensen. faculty document 2340
Professor Emeritus Irving W. Kreutz. faculty document 2341
Professor Emeritus Domenico Sella. faculty document 2342
Professor Emeritus H. Edwin Young. faculty document 2343

2. Announcements/Informational Items.

Vice Chancellor for Administration Darrell Bazzell and Human Resources Director Bob Lavigna presented an update on the HR system redesign project.  There were several questions and significant discussion.

Professor Brad Barham announced that Professor Mark Cook will chair the University Committee in 2012-2013, and he introduced the new University Committee members.  He thanked outgoing University Committee members, Professor Sue Babcock and Professor Linda Graham, for their service on the committee.  Professor Mark Cook thanked Professor Brad Barham for his service as chair.

Professor Barham spoke briefly about the HR redesign project, the special legislative task force on higher education, educational innovation, and on progress toward implementing recommendations made by the Commission on Faculty Compensation and Economic Benefits.

3. Question Period.
Chancellor Ward called attention to a handout distributed at the door, which contained the response to a question asked by Professor James Doing (District 65) at the 9 April senate meeting regarding the possibility of paying faculty on academic year appointments over twelve months rather than over nine months.

There were no additional questions.


4. The minutes of 9 April 2012 were approved as distributed.


5. Chancellor Ward called attention to the Report of Elections to UW-Madison Faculty Committees for 2012-2013. faculty document 2344
There were no questions or comments.

6. Professor Dale Bjorling submitted for informational purposes the Athletic Board Annual Report for 2010-2011. faculty document 2345
There were two questions.

7. Professor Carl Sovinec submitted for informational purposes the Officer Education Committee Annual Report for 2011-2012. faculty document 2346
There were no questions.

8. Professor Nancy Mladenoff submitted for informational purposes the Recreational Sports Board Annual Report for 2010-2011. faculty document 2347
There were no questions.

9. Professor Richard Straub submitted for informational purposes the Retirement Issues Committee Annual Report for 2011-2012. faculty document 2348
There were no questions.

10. Professor Barham submitted for informational purposes the University Committee Annual Report for 2010-2011. faculty document 2349
There were no questions.


11. Professor Michael Gould (District 93) moved to adopt the Request from the School of  Medicine and Public Health for Permission to Rename Three Modified Professorial Working Titles.  The motion was seconded. faculty document 2350

Dean Robert Golden presented information about the request.

There were no questions or comments.

The motion passed on voice vote.

12. Associate Dean Richard Moss presented for discussion the Recommendation to Dissolve the Department of Pharmacology. faculty document 2351
There were no questions or comments.

The meeting adjourned at 4:57 p.m.

David Musolf
Secretary of the Faculty

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