Microsoft 365 - Suggested Meetings add-in

Suggested Meetings add-in scans emails for meeting dates/times and allows you to create the meeting invitation from that email. It will send an invitation to all those involved on the email thread (sender and recipients). There is no way to "force" it to scan an email, and it does sometimes miss obvious events or highlights obvious non-events.

How does the Suggested Meetings add-in work?

The Suggested Meetings add-in is a contextual add-in that detects requested keywords or entities, such as meeting suggestions or addresses, that are in your message, and it underlines them. Please note that this add-in doesn't attempt to read or comprehend your message. Even though you might see underlined text, no information is sent to the add-in. Remember, the add-in can run only after you have given your consent to activate it, and you've selected the text underlined by the add-in.

  1. If you see text underlined like in the screenshot below, you can click on it to bring up a Suggested Meeting.

    underlined text

  2. This will bring up the Suggested Meetings pop-up window to create the event.

    Suggested Meetings pop-up

Managing add-ins

  1. You can manage the add-ins available to you by selecting the Settings | Manage Integrations.
  2. To turn off an add-in, simply uncheck the box. There are some add-ins you may not be able to turn off.

Additional Information

  • There are times when certain phrases will get highlighted/underscored to be used for this feature. As you use this feature more, you will learn which phrases work and which will not.
  • When using this feature, be aware that the attendee area will be populated with the 'From', 'To', and 'CC' addresses in the event you create. This may not be the desired action. Before saving the event, verify who is listed within the attendee list.
    • If you do not want to create a meeting (with attendees), but want to create an appointment only, click the "Meeting" button within the ribbon and then click on the "Cancel" or "Cancel Invitation" button to remove all the attendees and turn the event into an appointment.
  • Using Apps in Outlook on the web
  • Sometimes, despite the fact that the add-in picked up the correct date and time in the body of the email, when the event is created is will be placed on the incorrect day and/or at the incorrect time. If this occurs, the event will need to be deleted and recreated manually.

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