Access Disk Space Using Mac OSX

How to map your filespace from your CAE account to a macintosh computer. In the following, you must use your own account information found under My Accounts in the CAE webpage.
*If you are already connected to the college of engineering network via ethernet or wireless, skip to step 3.*
  1. Run WiscVPN and connect (make sure you use the appropriate connection, i.e. on or off campus).
  2. Enter your login information.
  3. Return to the Finder and click on "Go" on the top menu bar and then select "Connect to Server."

  4. Connect to Server

  5. In the "Server Address" box, enter: smb://[login_first_initial]/[login] and click Connect. For example, if your username was johndoe, you would enter smb://

  6. Login with your CAE credentials, and click OK.

  7. Your file space should then pop-up, upon successful connection.

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