Windows - Running Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is an application that removes programs, then searches for and removes leftover files. This document gives the specific instructions for running Revo Uninstaller. Click here to download Revo Uninstaller.

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  1. After opening Revo Uninstaller, browse programs and search any unknown programs at ShouldIRemoveIt. It may also be helpful to search every program for verification; malware applications often have familiar names.

  2. 1Browse_Programs.PNG

  3. Search the name of the program in the search field and find it on the page. If the program is above 50%, strongly consider deleting it.

  4. 2ShouldIRemoveIt.PNG

  5. Once you have found any unwanted programs, double click on that program and then select Yes.

  6. 3Choose_Program.PNG

  7. Choose the Moderate uninstall mode and then select Next.

  8. 4Uninstall_Mode.PNG

  9. Select Uninstall.The first step will be the programs uninstaller. Follow the prompts until the program is uninstalled. The uninstaller may ask you to restart the computer but do not restart at this point in the installation.

  10. 5Finish_Uninstall.PNG

  11. Once the leftover scan is complete, select Next.

  12. 6Leftover_Info.PNG

  13. If the leftover scan finds anything, Select All and then Delete.

  14. 7Select_All.PNG

  15. Select OK.

  16. 9OK.PNG

  17. Select Finish when this process is over.

  18. 11Finish.PNG
  19. Once you are done with using Revo Uninstaller, you may want to remove the program from your computer, to do so either press the windows key or button and type add or remove a program, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  20. 12Add_and_Remove_Programs.PNG

  21. Select Revo Uninstaller, then select Uninstall, agree to any prompts.

  22. 13Remove_Revo.PNG

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