Guide to Installing SAS

This document provides instructions for installing the Windows version of SAS 9.4 on 7 and 8. This installation may take 3+ hours to complete.

You can also refer to the Office of Data Management and Analytics Services KB collection for more information on SAS.

Installing SAS 9.4 for Windows 7-10

  • This document is written based on installing SAS 9.4 on Windows 7 64-bit version. Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines will have a similar installation process.
  • In this installation, only the SAS Foundation was chosen to be installed.  Your installation will vary if you choose to install the additional products, depending on the products that you have chosen.  Please follow any additional prompts during the install.
  • Please be aware that the installation of this program will take at least 3 hours to complete after you have downloaded and extracted the 7 disc files. 
  • You should have picked up 7 DVD discs or downloaded the 7 different disc files from the Campus Software Library.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions OR Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1 Professional and Enterprise, OR Microsoft Windows 10 - Home, Pro, Enterprise, or Education editions.  
  • Windows Administrator installation privileges.
  • At least 13 GB free space for the install (based on SAS Foundation being installed; may require more space depending on the products chosen to install)
  • A 64 bit Operating System is required for SAS 9.4. If you have a 32 bit Operating System, please install SAS 9.3 from the Campus Software Library and follow the instructions below, as they should be the same for both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. 
Note: All SAS processes have to be closed on the task manager 
For more information on installation requirements, see the PDF document "Systems Requirements for SAS 9.4 Foundation for Microsoft Windows" or "SAS 9.4 Foundation for Microsoft Windows x64" within the Knowledgebase Directory. 
  1. Start Windows (Boot up the computer)
  2. Close ALL other Windows applications including virus-scanning programs.
  3. Insert the SAS 9.4 DVD (disc 1) into your DVD drive if you have a physical disk. If you downloaded the 7 disc files from the Campus Software Library, confirm that all 7 of the disc files have finished downloading. 
    • Once the downloads have finished, you should have 7 different zip files on your computer. Make sure these 7 zip files are all in the same folder (i.e. Downloads folder, Desktop, etc). 
    • Once you have all of the zip files grouped together in one location, they should look like this:

    • Highlight all 7 of the zip files, right click on the first one, and choose extract all.

  • After choosing extract all, a window will then prompt you to choose an extraction location. Make sure that location is the same as where the original zip files are, and click extract.
  • Once the extraction process is complete (it may take a while), you should see 7 copies of the original 7 zip files, except this time they are no longer zip files but rather just folders.
  • Open up the first folder of the 7 (the one that ends in "_ds01").
  • Run the setup.exe file inside this folder.  Once you run this you should be prompted by User Account Control (UAC).  Click Yes.
    Allow Changes on Computer
  • In the Choose Language window, choose the setup language of your choice and select OK:
    Choose Language

  • The SAS Deployment Wizard 9.4 splash screen should appear:
    Splash Screen
  • On the SAS Deployment Wizard screen, select Install SAS Software and click Next
    You may see one of the following screens depending on if you are using the DVD set or USB key. 
    DVD/USB Deployment WizardDVD/USB Deployment Wizard
  • The Specify SAS Home screen may appear. 
  • If a previous version of SAS is installed on your computer, for SAS Home enter the following path:
    C:\Program Files\SAS94
  • If you do NOT have a previous version on SAS installed, select Next:
    Specify Location
  • On the Select Deployment Type screen, select Next:
    Select Deployment Type
  • On the Select Products to Install screen, specify the SAS Products to be installed:
  • Be sure to check off at least the following products:
    • SAS Foundation
  • Other product selections are optional.
  • In the Select SAS Foundation Products dialog box, leave the defaults that are checked, or select the SAS Foundation products that you want to install.  Click Next to continue.
    SAS Product Selection
  • You may be prompted to Select SAS Enterprise Guide Mode if you are are running a 64-bit version of Windows.
    Choose a mode and click Next to continue.
    Select 64 or 34bit mode
  • On the Select SAS Foundation Products, leave the defaults selected or choose which products to install.
    Click Next to continue.
    SAS Foundation Select
  • On the Specify SAS Installation Data File, select Next:
    Please note that if the SAS Installation Data File on the media is expired, go to and download an updated SAS Installation Data File.
    : If the user has previously downloaded the file and you are logged in as an administrator to begin the install process, you will need to locate the user's data file manually via the C drive. The usage of admin credentials changes the logged-in user's "Desktop", "Documents", and "Downloads" folders to the admin's, meaning that clicking one of those options in the left sidebar of Windows Explorer will bring you to the incorrect location.
    Specify Full Path for SAS
  • On the Select Language Support screen, click the Clear All button to remove all languages except English and click Next:
    Select Language Support
  • In the Select Regional Settings dialog box, either leave the default (English (United States) [en_US]) or select a different regional setting from the drop-down list box.
     Click Next to continue.
    Select Regional Settings
  • On the Default Product for SAS File Types screen, select SAS Foundation (64-bit) then click Next:
    Default Product for SAS File Types
  • Leave the default Host Name and Port Number. Click Next to continue.
    Doc Conversion Host/Port
  • In the Checking System dialog box, you do not click Next. Once the installation runs through the loading installation package, it proceeds to the next Checking System dialog box automatically.
    System Check-No Action
  • Here, the SAS Deployment Wizard verifies the amount of free disk space and verifies that the files and directories that can be written. Click Next when it is finished calculating.
    System Check Complete
  • On the Deployment Summary screen, select Start to begin the installation:
  • If you are installing from discs, it will prompt and require you to put in the installation media.  It may require that you put in the same disc a few times during the installation.
  • The Systems Requirements Wizard may install additional components that may require system restart(s).
  • Depending on the products you have selected to install, several additional screens may appear.
  • This installation process will take longer than most installations. Your install time will depend on the SAS products you selected to install and the speed of your hardware.
    Summary Review - Install Product
  • Once the installation has completed, then click Next.
    Installation Complete
  • On the Select Support Option screen, select Next.
    Select Support Option
  • On the Additional Resources screen, select Finish.

    Additional Resources

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