University Committee Meeting Minutes 2014-07-28

approved August 4, 2014
July 28, 2014
Present: Fair, Broman, Farrar-Edwards, Meyerand, Wendt 
Absent:  Petty

1. Meeting called to order: 1:00 PM
a. Minutes of the meeting of University Committee Meeting Minutes 2014-07-21 were approved.
b. Various constituencies and committees continuing to work on civility language.
c. Subcommittee on supervision of academic staff is continuing and will meet this week.
d. UC and ASEC will have joint meeting with new provost and maybe another on shared governance.
e. Discussion of possible editor/rhetorician position: possibility of locating within SOF (preferable over chancellor’s office or University Communications); need to work out processes and specific needs (technical copyediting, consistency, executive summaries, timing of involvement, etc.); possible trial with classified research committee; colleges and other units may be interested as well. UC will pursue. 
2. Update from Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration: Darrell Bazzell
a. HR Director Bob Lavigna and VCFA discussed CCF report (Handout). UC requested more detailed breakout by unit and category over both years; Lavigna will provide and offered to come back to discuss with UC. Numbers are quite positive, including limits on “repeat” award recipients. 
b. Discussion of further rounds; can be done, but will involve tradeoffs (cuts to base budget). All compensation tools should be taken into account together. 
c. Discussion of budget process and political climate with Lavigna and VCFA.
d. ICR discussion with VCFA. All present believe that current system for allocation is appropriate and working, but there is a need for increased transparency to the process and greater information sharing. Clear role for budget model development committee; VCFA will meet with that committee on this topic and also with faculty from Engineering.
3. Provost Update: Paul De Luca
Canvas, the Unizin course software project, is almost complete; it should be installed this fall and available for spring classes. UC will invite Bruce Maas for an update.
4. Farrar-Edwards moved and Meyerand 2nd to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1) (c) and/or (f) to discuss personnel matters. Grievance. Motion passes: 2:15 PM.
5. Farrar-Edwards moved and Broman 2nd to reconvene in open session. Motion passes: 2:30 PM.
6. Discussion of possible clarifications of FP&P language on committee appointments (chapter 6). Primarily standardization and rationalization; CTC subcommittee language revised to reflect original intent that committee would name subcommittee members itself.
UC approved changes and requested SOF draft up motion for Senate.
7. Update from Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education: Marsha Mailick
a. General update: VCRGE has been gathering information though conversations and meetings (about 15 hours/week for last 3 months); will be long process in part due to complete lack of staff in VCR office and vast diverse GS staff. Some administrative staff should continue to be shared, but some VCR specific staff absolutely necessary. Chief of staff PVL posted. Organizational chart of entire research structure will be required, but will take some time.
b. New topics/initiatives: 
i. Budget committee and Drinkwater subcommittee have tweaked formula for 101 and 150 funds, which will affect dean-level capital distribution. Principles behind allocation remain the same, but 2-year smoothing rather than 3. Generated ICR can go 100% to dean or primarily to center (as now; 100% to centers is not possible since salary-generated portion always goes to dean). (ICR is based on expenditures, not on award as is commonly believed.) 
ii. Another task force should look at where centers should be located. Need criteria that help make decisions and an understanding of what is optimized by location in schools versus VCR. 
iii. Rick Moss leading a core facilities inventory and study of how other universities manage core facilities. UW is surely over capacity in some areas and under capacity in others – but not known.
iv. Bruce Alberts article on overproduction of biomedical workforce relevant to all fields. VCRGE believes chancellor feels this is a UC issue, needs studying. Parameters of this as yet uncertain, but UC should have VCRGE and chancellor present at same time to discuss possible committee charge.
v. Need to increase visibility of research mission. University Communications will run series on research.
vi. How to populate and best utilize DC office needs to be explored. 
8. Farrar-Edwards moved and Meyerand 2nd to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1) (c) and/or (f) to discuss personnel matters. Grievance and Personnel. Motion passes: 3:30 PM.
9. Wentz moved and Farrar-Edwards 2nd to reconvene in open session. Motion passes: 4:17 PM.
10. Meeting adjourned: 4:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Steven K. Smith
Secretary of the Faculty

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