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The Assessment Tab is not enabled in the KB Admin Tools for groups that do not have any existing quiz/survey questions. If your group would like to use the Assessment Tab features, reach out to kb-team@doit.wisc.edu to have the tab activated.

This doc will show you the url to refer those who want to take a Quiz/ Survey on your Live Internal Site. You may also create a side module on your Live site and direct your users to your Quiz Surveys.

Assessment URL

You may relay an assessment link to your users (e.g. https://kb.wisc.edu/YOURsubsite/internal/assessment.php) by sending a URL via email, chat, news item, etc. 

The image below shows our Demo internal test site URL appended with assessment.php and highlighted in yellow.

assessmen.php url in the live internal site

On the live site, below the banner, you will see the Assessment page displaying Quizzes and Surveys.

The image below, the user sees a table with the active Conference Presentation Suggestion Quiz and New Hire Onboarding Survey .

Quiz and surveys as seen by a user on the live site

To update the page heading displayed on your Assessment page on the Live site, please see the instructions at KB User's Guide - Assessment Tab - Quiz/Survey Settings.

Create an Assessment Module to Display on your Live Site

You may display your Assessment of choice on the KB front page by using our Side Module function. Below is an example on our Test Site of a Survey in the left Side Module called "Our Groovy Assessments". The custom side module features a survey, Conference Ideas and a quiz, Onboarding Review.

Image showing a custom side module that contains links to assessments

Follow these steps to create an Assessment Side Module:

    1. KB Admin Tools > Settings tab > Side Modules link. This should lead you to the Side Modules Page.
    2. Create a Custom Side Module by filling in the blank Custom field data under the Side Modules table (circled below in red).
    • Module Name - Enter the word "Assessment", or something relevant like "Lab SOP Assessment" in this field.
    • Position - Choose the desired position from the dropdown menu.
    • Internal and/or External - Check the boxes for Internal and External depending on which sites you would like to display your Assessment Module.
    • Full View - check this box to have feed display which allows for optimized viewing on devices with larger screens, such as desk tops and lap tops.
    • Mobile View - check this box to have feed display on mobile devices which allows for optimized viewing on devices with smaller screens.
    • Landing Page - check this box to have the feed display on the homepage.
    • Doc Page - check this box to have the feed appear on any other page within your KB.
    • Order - sets the desired display order for the module if you have other side modules in the same position.
    • Click the Add button on the far right of that row.
        Image of the custom side module form

        The image below shows the settings for a Custom "Music Theory Survey" Side Module to appear on the top left side of the KB main page in our KB test site. It will appear at the top because the Order number is indicated as "1". Click the Update button to save your work. Go to your internal live site at see what you think,

        Image of a custom side form, with "music theory survey" entered as the module name.

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