(SMPH)(HSLC)(Windows) When Outlook won't launch....

Sometimes Outlook fails to launch due to a corruption in the user data. This can be caused by a computer crash or Outlook crash, or even a Windows update or Office software upgrade. Sometimes you can fix this problem by deleting the Outlook .ost file, but occasionally you just have to create a new Outlook Profile. Luckily this is easy to do!

First try deleting the Outlook .ost file.  This is Outlook's cache of your email messages, so deleting it won't hurt anything and Outlook will make a new one when it launches again.   

The following is the Windows path to the .ost file

Local Disk (C:) > Users > “username” > AppData > Local > Microsoft > Outlook

Also see:

Microsoft - Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost)

If that fails, then the next, easy, step is to create a new Outlook profile.   The Outlook profile is where Outlook stores that email cache, as well as other email settings.  Follow these easy steps.

  • File > Exit from Outlook, if it is open.

  • Open Control Panel > Mail (32-bit)

  • Click Show Profiles...

  • Click Add…

  • Enter a Profile Name: (something slightly diff. than the existing one) and click OK.

  • Enter your PrimaryEmailAddress@wisc.edu  IF YOU SEE an address already entered here, DELETE IT and RE-ENTER IT, even if it looks correct.

  • The password is your NetID password

  • Wait several seconds,  

If you see a Windows Security prompt:

  • Enter your NetID@wisc.edu (you may have to override what is shown there)

  • Enter your NetID password

If you see a UW login window:

  • Enter your NetID

  • Enter your NetID Password

  • Click Finish when complete.

  • Back in the Show Profiles window, if you have more than one Profile, be sure to set the new one as the default.

  • Under Always use this profile select the corresponding profile from the drop down and click OK.

Open Outlook

Allow time for your mailboxes and calendar to sync up.  You can see the status in the bottom of the window.  May take many minutes for all email and calendars to cache, but you should be able to use Outlook within 5 minutes.

  • Configure the campus directory so that it is searchable within the Outlook client

See: https://kb.wisc.edu/page.php?id=13789

If Outlook still will not launch, you may need to repair the Outlook software itself.   

   Open Control Panel > Programs and Features

   Select Microsoft Office from the list of programs

   Click Change from the menu bar

   When the wizard launches, select Repair.

If all of the above fails, or if you need assistance, do open a support ticket.

DoIT Helpdesk - HSLC Gold VIP Support

Phone:  264-4357 (264-HELP).
IMPORTANT: Select Option 5 “Contracted Departmental VIP Support”

or E-mail:  support@doit.wisc.edu

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