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This document explains what Application Plan Designer is.
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What is Application Plan Designer?‌

ImageNow Application Plan Designer gives you the ability to integrate your business application with ImageNow. Using Application Plan Designer, you can learn business application screens, define dictionary data elements, map documents and projects, configure view action settings, and test every step of the learning process without leaving the designer window.

The following figure shows the Application Plan Designer window:


The Application Plan Designer includes the following features:


The Screens pane displays a list of all screens defined for the application plan. This pane allows you to add, modify, rename, and delete screens.

The following figure shows the Screens pane:



The Dictionary pane displays data elements in the Application Plan Designer. This pane allows you to add and manage the data elements for current application plans. You can also rearrange, rename, delete, and test the data elements.

The following figure shows the Dictionary pane:


Screen Elements‌

Depending on the method, the Screen Elements tab can display the following for the business application screen you are trying to learn:

  • Bitmap (HyperLearn or Viewpoint)
  • Text (Terminal Capture or DOS)
  • Table (Internet Explorer)
  • Tree (Window Walker)

The Screen Elements feature allows you to locate and identify the data elements you want to add to the dictionary.

The following figure shows the Screen Element pane:


Document Mapping‌

Document Mapping allows you to map data elements in the dictionary to document keys and custom properties.

The following figure shows the Dictionary Mapping tab:


Project Mapping‌

Project Mapping allows you to add documents automatically to new or existing projects. It also provides the ability to map any data element in the dictionary to project properties.

The following figure shows the Project Mapping tab:


View Action‌

View action is a feature that drives the subset of documents or projects that are displayed by the system. You can also configure view action to return documents or projects.

The following figure shows the View Action tab:


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