CCI Private Cloud - Growing the Disk Partition and Volume Group

This is the process for Growing the Disk Partition and Volume Group.

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This process assumes the disk has already been resized in vRA and that a reboot has already happened.

This process assumes that you only have a single disk, if there are multiple disks it may not behave as expected (it'll only try growing the first disk it sees).

Follow the steps below


# Grow the existing disk partition and volume
PV=$(pvs --noheadings --separator '|' | head -1 | sed -e 's/^\s*//' | cut -f 1 -d '|')
DISK=$(echo ${PV} | sed -e 's/[[:digit:]]*$//')
sgdisk -e ${DISK}
PART=$(echo ${PV} | tr -dc '0-9')
parted -s ${DISK} resizepart ${PART} 100%
pvresize ${PV}


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