L&S Instructional Visiting Faculty

This document contains the instructions for hiring Visiting Faculty in the College of Letters & Science.


The term “Visiting Faculty” refers to the following titles:
  • Visiting Instructor
  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Visiting Associate Professor
  • Visiting Professor
Visiting Faculty are members of the academic staff and are governed by Academic Staff Policies and Procedures. An appointment as Visiting Faculty is appropriate when the employee is filling a short-term instructional need and is primarily here to teach. Instructional Visiting Faculty have both instructional and scholarly duties, with similar workloads to tenured and tenure-track Faculty in the department or program.

Visiting Faculty appointments are limited to two years’ length. A third year may be possible in exceptional circumstances, and would require approval by both the academic associate dean and the Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee. A Visiting Faculty member's appointment is often a visit "to" UW-Madison (without necessarily being a visit "from" another institution). Note that a visit "from" another (home) institution can have implications for fringe benefit eligibility (see section 2B).

Instructional Visiting Faculty vs. Lecturers

Departments with short-term instructional needs may consider hiring either instructional Visiting Faculty or short-term lecturers.

An employee hired with a lecturer-type title only has instructional duties. Appointment levels for lecturers are based on the specific course(s) they are teaching, with considerations towards the course size, number of credits and level of teaching assistant supervision. Please note that current graduate students will be hired with the “Lecturer (SA)” title.

All other lecturers would be hired with the academic staff version of the lecturer title, which generally requires open recruitment. The employee’s title and rate will be based on their teaching experience and their degree. These titles are not limited to two years, but are subject to the ASPP Policy regarding fixed-term renewable status (ASPP Chapter 2.01, Section A, 3.b.).

Instructional Visiting Faculty vs. Post-doctoral fellows

Recent Ph.D. graduates may sometimes teach with either a Visiting Faculty title, or as part of a post-doctoral fellowship.

An appointment as Visiting Faculty is more appropriate when the employee is primarily here to teach, and they are filling a short-term instructional need. A Visiting title, as opposed to a post-doc, would be necessary if the employee will be working with graduate students.

For comparison, an individual who is here as a post-doc is still in training, and is here primarily for their own professional development. If an employee is teaching a course as part of a post-doctoral fellowship, a zero dollar lecturer appointment will be required. Please work with your STS / SA HR Rep to initiate the zero dollar appointment.

Faculty from within UW System

Occasionally a departmental executive committee may wish to arrange an appointment of a faculty member from another institution in the UW System to teach in their unit. These are known as "Faculty L/I (Location/Institution)" appointments. The extension of an L/I appointment must have the approval of the faculty of the UW-Madison department; though there are no formal rules governing how that department-level approval is granted, procedures similar to approving extension of affiliation status may be appropriate. The title of a Faculty L/I is based on rank held at the home institution (“Professor L/I”, “Associate Professor L/I”, etc.). If it is a paid appointment, College policy is to pay Faculty L/I based on their home university rate.

Either an Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) or Inter-Institutional Overload (IIO) may be required to facilitate the hire. Please contact your STS / SA HR Rep for information on this process.

Process for Hiring Instructional Visiting Faculty in L&S

The funding for instructional Visiting Faculty must be approved through either the short-term staffing request process (and funded by the unit’s 101 short-term staffing budget, 101-2 A48##04) or as part of a department/program’s Summer Term budget (131-2 A9348##). Use of a Visiting Faculty title also requires the explicit approval of the academic associate dean.

Open recruitment with a PVL is not required, although departments/programs are welcome to post a PVL if they think it will be useful.

The title of a Visiting Faculty is based on rank held at the home institution or similar considerations. If the employee is visiting “from” another institution, College policy is to pay visitors at their home university rate. A letter from the home institution should be provided, stating the employee’s rank, salary, and pay basis (9 month, 12 month, etc.). If the home institution rate is lower than the L&S Minimum rate, the visitor will be paid at our minimum rate.

If there is no “home institution” involved (visiting “to”), the appropriate title should be determined by the department executive committee after reviewing the individual's credentials in comparison with similarly qualified members of the UW-Madison faculty. Please see the L&S Standard Rates for Instructional Staff document for current minimum salary rate for Visiting Assistant Professors.

If a prospective Visiting Assistant Professor has yet to complete the Ph.D. or other appropriate terminal degree by the date of offer, the appointment will be made as a Visiting Instructor. The appointment letter should include a statement indicating that if all degree work is not complete by the start of the appointment, it will be at the rank of Visiting Instructor at a salary $500 less than the rate to be offered that individual at the rank of visiting assistant professor.

Offer letters need prior approval by your STS / SA HR Rep. Template letters are available on the Gateway.

Contacts for L&S Administration

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