WiscList - "<WISCLIST-" Header Was Detected

Forwarding messages to WiscList with full headers may cause the server to reject your message. This document explains how to avoid this error from occurring.

Rejection Notice

The WiscList server will reject any message that contains the <WISCLIST- email header within the body of the message. The rejection message will read:

Your message posting was rejected because the "<WISCLIST-" header was detected in the body of the message you sent.

This header is usually only included by automated email programs, such as "vacation" programs. For this reason, WiscList ListManager does not accept messages which contain this header, because it is highly likely that they are automated messages, and not appropriate for a mailing list.

If you are receiving this message, it means that you accidentally set off this safeguard by including the "<WISCLIST-" text in your message.

Please resubmit your email message, without including the headers of a previous message (specifically, do not include the Message-Id line).


To prevent this rejection from occurring, you should reply and forward emails to WiscList with simple headers only. Sending with full headers will place the <WISCLIST- header into the body of your message.

Email clients will typically forward full headers when forwarding messages as an attachment. Verify that your email client is forwarding "inline".

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