Mac - Frequently Asked Questions

This doc contains a list of frequently asked questions that users have about MacOS (or OS X)
  • Do I need antivirus software on my Mac?

    Yes! Macs are certainly susceptible to viruses. Many Mac users are under the impression that Macs do not get viruses so they often go unnoticed and are distributed to many people. An easy way to avoid this is to get antivirus software. Current faculty and staff can download Trend Micro for free from the university, the instructions for that are here: Trend Micro - Installing Trend Micro AV on Your Personally Owned macOS Device

    If you are not eligible for Trend Micro, we have some recommendations for an antivirus here: Security - Available Antivirus Software for Personally Owned Devices

  • How do I force quit out of an application?

    Note: Force quitting application may result in data loss if your data has not been saved.

    Option 1: Pressing the command + option + esc at the same time force quits an application.

    Option 2: You can press the apple button in the top left corner of your screen, then select Force Quit, then you can select the application you would like to quit out of and click the Force Quit button.

  • How do I check my Operating System version?

    Please see

  • How do I right click?

    Option 1: Press control and click. This method works for all macs, whether you have a trackpad or mouse

    Option 2: Use 2 fingers to to click. This will work on all newer laptops that only have one button as well as a Magic Mouse.

    Option 3: For older Macbooks or older mice, you can click the right side of the button

  • How do I connect to UW Wifi?

    Please see Wireless UWNet - Mac OS X Configuration for instructions on connecting to UWnet.

  • How do I install Microsoft Office?

    If you are a current student, faculty member or staff, you can obtain Office 2016 for free, please see Microsoft 365 - Download/Install Microsoft 365 for instruction.

    If you are retired or emeritus faculty, you will need to purchase Office and you can do so at places like and BestBuy.

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