AWS - Frequently Asked Questions

AWS - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What should I use as my default region?

Answer: As of 2021 the suggested and configured default region is Ohio (us-east-2). Previously it was recommended that customers use Oregon (us-west-2) as their default region.

Question: How does the network egress waiver work?

Answer: Internet2 has negotiated a waiver for charges from traffic leaving AWS to the public internet. See AWS - Pricing, Billing FAQ  for more details.

Question: Can users use their NetID to access the AWS Management Console?

Answer: Yes. See AWS - Granting Users Access to the AWS Management Console using NetID Authentication  for more details.

Question: What data elements are allowed in AWS?

Answer: See Data Elements Allowed in Public Cloud Platform  for more details.

Question: Are students allowed to use AWS?

Answer: Student employees are allowed to use AWS only on behalf of their employer.

Question: Amazon has given me AWS Credits. How do I redeem them?

Answer: After signing in to the AWS Management Console, open My Account and then Credits.

Question: Can I increase my EC2 Service Limits?

Answer: Yes. Navigate to the EC2 console and select Limits.

Question: How do I dispute charges?

Answer: Contact the Public Cloud Team and we will work with our reseller and AWS to facilitate a resolution.

Question: What happens if I incur charges that I don't have the money to pay?

Answer: To help prevent this, please ask the Cloud Team for help in setting up billing alarms.

Question: How to a estimate my current monthly charges?

Answer: The AWS Billing & Cost Management interface provides valuable trend information for your AWS account, although it won't reflect actual billed cost.  After login (see AWS - Sign In to the AWS Management Console), open Billing & Cost Management to view an estimate of current charges. Additional details, including details on Amazon's detailed billing reports, see AWS Billing and Cost Management.  

Question: Can EC2 Spot Instances be used?

Answer: Yes, EC2 Spot Instances are covered by our AWS contract.

Question: I'm trying to create a new S3 bucket, but get a message that the bucket already exists?

Answer: S3 buckets names must be unique across *all* AWS accounts.

Question: Why did I receive a bill when I didn't use my account last month?

Answer: The initial configuration of AWS accounts enables logging, which consumes storage, so most accounts will incur charges even if they are not used interactively.

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