UW-Madison Google Workspace - Switching Ownership of YouTube channel

This document explains how to switch the ownership of a YouTube channel from a personal Google Apps account to aUW-Madison Google Workspace account.
Note: You can only have one channel attached to an email address. If a channel exists in your destination email then you will have to create another Google+ page to transfer the channel there and connect the new channel with the destination email. The other channel can stay in the second Google+ page**
  1. Sign into the personal Gmail account you would like to switch YouTube channel from.

  2. Open https://business.google.com/create to create a new Google+ page, and select Brand.

    Choose Brand

  3. Fill out the Page name, website is optional and keep the type of page as product or brand, when completed select Create page.

    Create Google+ Page

  4. Select the drop down menu Menu, select settings on the top left hand corner, click settings

  5. You will see Managers on the ribbon bar, select it. The choose Manage Permissions

    Choose Manage PermissionsChoose Manage Permissions

  6. Select the Add icon at the top right, and enter in the new email address you would like to switch your YouTube channel to. When choosing a role select Owner, and click invite

    Add people to page

  7. Go to Office 365 email you want to switch account to and you will receive an email prompting you to accept the invitation to be the owner of the page

    Accept ownership of Google+ page

  8. Now you have successfully connected both accounts to one Google+ page

  9. Open up a new tab and go to YouTube using the account you want to switch the YouTube channel from. Click on the icon on the top right and select the gear to take you to the YouTube settings (notice you will see your new page under your original account)

    Click the gear to take you to settings

  10. Choose Advanced under your name, and select Move channel to Brand Account
    Select Advanced

  11. For security purposes you will be prompted to enter your password in again. Once entered, click on Select desired page or account. You will see any extra pages you have created, select the Google+ page you recently created.

    Select the connected Google+ page to transfer

  12. Click Move channel, this will transfer your YouTube channel to the Google+ page

    Confirm moving the channel

  13. Depending on the content, this action may take some time.Note: You have now transfered your YouTube Channel from your gmail account to the test Google+ Page. In order to change the ower ship to an existing gmail account continue with the following steps.

  14. Once everything has loaded, you will click on the icon in the top right hand corner and select your Google+ page

  15. Choose the gear to get to settings, once again click on Advanced

    Choose Advanced

  16. Click Move channel to Brand Account

  17. When you select desired page or account, you will now see the email account you wish to switch the YouTube channel ownership to
  18. Click Move channel

    Now select new account to transfer

  19. Now you can log into your Office 365 or other email that you wanted to switch the account over to

  20. Go to YouTube and you will see the channel that was on your previous email now connected to this email.

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