Guide: Toggle Headers

This document provides instruction on when and how to use toggle headers.

Toggle Headers


  • Toggle headers should be used when there is a lengthy course-list that makes navigating a page difficult.  

  • The toggle headers are ONLY available on toggle Header 3 and toggle Header 4.  

  • These will encapsulate everything between that header and the next header equal to or greater than the header you are toggling.  

    • If you use a Header 4 under a Header 3, it will collapse both headers.  

    • If you have a Header 2 after a Header 3, the toggle will only go up to Header 2.

    • If you have a Header 3 Toggle and then a regular Header 3, it will stop before the non-toggled header.

  • Toggling cannot be done inside of a course list.

  • Typing header text in all CAPS or copying and pasting header text to another similar page will cause the header text to appear in all CAPS in the [Link for document 69389 is unavailable at this time].

  • Toggle headers default closed when navigating to a page.

  1. Edit the page in which you’d like to use the toggle header.

  2. Highlight the header that you want to make into a toggle.

Screenshot of H3

  1. Select the correct header (either Heading 3 or Heading 4)

  1. Select the type of header you want (H3 Toggle or H4 Toggle)

Header selection

  1. Inside your edit box, this is what the new header will look like:

Header styles

  1. Click “OK” and then “OK” to save.

  2. This will be the end result:

Opened header

H3 toggle example

Removing Toggling Headers

  1. Select/highlight the header

H3 toggle example

  1. Click the drop-down with the “H3 Toggle” and click the appropriate toggle header you are using (either the H3 Toggle or H4 Toggle).

H3 toggle removal example

  1. This clears all of the formatting.

H3 toggle removal example

  1. Re-set the header to the level it should be at.

  1. This is what it will look like after those steps:

  1. Click “OK” to save.

For more help, contact the Lumen help team:

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