NS-WAN Team Meeting Minutes 1-26-17

Summary of NS-WAN Team Meeting Thursday 1-26-17

Attendees: Mike Blodgett, Will Boettcher, Pat Christian, Tim Czerwonka, Michael Hare, Bill Jensen, Paul Nazario, Dan Parenteau

  1. Need goals from some of you – I’ll start mid-point review work in a few weeks for March 1x1 meetings

Goals template (MS-Word document): https://uwmadison.box.com/s/wruixgkcbvjnwomrq29pqxk5l3u01txr

Mid-point conversation template I’ll use: https://uwmadison.box.com/s/cc8zdjzul5l7uad3u4lj1yw51efzjoaw

        • Pat reminded those on the team to get goals in yet this week & that he’ll start on mid-point (year) conversations in mid-Feb with conversations at March 1x1 meetings.

  1. Google peering at MICE

        • Michael explained that Google caching at MICE wants to change how Google primes the cache (use our transport & transit to prime the cache vs Google’s “network” (leased service?) priming their cache by advertising Google's AS 36040 to our transit peers

        • SysNet pulling ~3-4Gbps from WiscNet Google cache as well as 3-4Gbps from Google cache at MICE exchange

        • SysNet was approached by Google while WiscNet was not - not sure why SysNet is singled out other than potential higher utilization

        • Google “suggests” that they will cut us off at some point if we don’t “comply” with their request

        • SysNet doesn’t directly peer with Google at CHI Equinix (as WiscNet does) but perhaps could in future with BTAA transport to CHI Equinix

        • Options: (a) disconnect Google Cache at MICE; (b) comply by advertising our peers to our transit provider; (c) do nothing & wait for Google to cut us off in MPLS and continue to use WiscNet’s Google cache

        • ACTION: collect more data to make decision - Michael test turning off Google caching connection at MICE over a weekend & see how our traffic profile changes

  2. Project spin-ups

      1. Training for Tim, Will & Paul (starting 2/6/17 week)

    * Dan/Michael to work on training materials on how our existing networks are implemented

      1. Juniper redundant RE & flash (scheduling, lab test & code upgrades, shipping/coordination with 11 UW locations, instrumentation, MX104 configuration changes once RE is installed)

        • Only bought 10 flash memory sticks (how many more?)

Techstore single price as $5.95.  Amazon single price is $4.29.



        • Michael will let Pat know what to order after testing UWRF MX104 process

        • Likely start this project ~2/20/17 with completion by 5/15/17 pending initial installs


      1. Fiber Db – ArcGIS training (late Winter/Spring); specific date/times that work best) (Dan, Mike B, ?)

        * Dan can't do training (BTAA) NOT 4/17 – 4/19

        * Mike B has book, Paul noted there's some training on Lynda.com

      2. DC power at CSSC & maintenance tools/supplies (WEJ)

3.  BadgerNet – AT&T to contact us to survey certain (?? UW-MKE & UW-MSN likely ??) locations to make 10Gbps quotes accurate

  1. System & AT&T update

    1. *Potential* transit & could-based services (see attachments if/as interested)

  • Group discussed considering diversity by obtaining transit not reliant on Chicago

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