Infoblox: Deleting and Searching for objects

Possible methods to search for objects prior to adding or deleting from Infoblox
Click on the IPAM tab under "Data Management".  In the text search box, type in the subnet that holds the object to delete and search for it.  DHCP and DNS should also be searched in a similar fashion to verify objects do not exist.

Enter subnet to search for

Click on the subnet that holds the desired object.

Click on subnet

Search for the object to be deleted.

Enter IP Address you are searching for

Check mark the object and click the "Reclaim" icon in the upper right hand corner.

Check the object to be deleted

Click "Yes" to delete the object.

Click Yes to delete object.

Click the "Restart" button to restart services.

Restart services

Regex can be used to search for objects under the "Advanced" search tab:

Advanced Search - Regex is available

To verify an item has been removed from DNS you can run dig from the cli:

Reverse lookup:

dig @ -x

Forward lookup:

dig @

A response like below shows that the record is still active, a response missing the "ANSWER SECTION" would show a record that has been deleted assuming the question was typed in correctly:

[wboettcher@grunt]$ dig @ -x

; <<>> DiG 9.9.9-P3 <<>> @ -x

; (1 server found)

;; global options: +cmd

;; Got answer:

;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 42725

;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 4, ADDITIONAL: 11


; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 4096


;     IN      PTR


;; AUTHORITY SECTION:   56462   IN      NS   56462   IN      NS   56462   IN      NS   56462   IN      NS

;; ADDITIONAL SECTION:     1391    IN      A    14030   IN      A    6537    IN      A    9932    IN      A    388     IN      AAAA    2607:f388::a53:1    388     IN      AAAA    2607:f388:2:2001::100a    6537    IN      AAAA    2607:f388:d:2::1006    6537    IN      AAAA    2607:f388::a53:2    2842    IN      AAAA    2607:f388::a53:3    2842    IN      AAAA    2607:f388:2:2001::100b

;; Query time: 0 msec


;; WHEN: Wed Mar 22 14:38:15 CDT 2017

;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 423


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