(WHS Archives) EAD -- Appendix A. File Naming Conventions

File naming conventions for xml files on UWDCC site.

Appendix A. File Naming Conventions

Use the call number of the collection for name of xml file. Always use lower case letters. When a call number does not include the required number of digits add left leading zeros to achieve the proper number of digits.

When a collection contains more than one call number, the paper portion of the collection takes precedence for the naming of the xml files. However there are exceptions, if the collection is predominantly another format, such as photographs, films, or audio, then the call number of the predominant format will be used. If more than one call number represents the same format, especially in the case of films, use the first call number listed. Mixed format collections with 3 or more types of materials, use the paper portion call number by default. Collections that are half paper and half another format, us the paper portion call number by default.

Unprocessed collections with more than one accession number use oldest accession number for file name. If however the unprocessed collection has been assigned a call number, use the call number as the file name.

State Government Records
ser + 5 digits
ser02501    for    Series 2501
year +3 digit number [Note: if series number is assigned, file under series number]
2006004    for    2006/004
85034        for    85/34
Local Government Records
4 digits of the county name + 4 digits for the series number
adam0012    for    Adams Series 12
eauc0128    for    Eau Claire Series 128
Use “gree” for Green County
Use “grel” for Green Lake County
Use “washb” for Washburn County
Use “washi” for Washington County

"c" + year+3 digit number [Note: if series number is assigned, file under series number]
c2012051    for    C2012/051
c98074        for    C98/074
Manuscript Collections housed in Madison
Processed [in general, make file name total 8 digits]
mss + 5 digits
mss00089    for    Mss 89
wis + 5 digits (Wis Mss XXX)
wis000ka    for    Wis Mss KA
wis0233s    for    Wis Mss 233S
wis032pb    for    Wis Mss 32PB
us + 6 digits (U.S. Mss XXX)
us0117af    for    U.S. Mss 117AF
us00000s    for    U.S. Mss S
micr + 4 digits
micr0022    for    Micro 22
sc + 6 digits
sc000217    for    SC 217
"m" + year + 3 digits
m2004035    for    M2004-035
m85002        for    M85-2
Manuscript Collections housed at ARCs
Each abbreviation for the ARC should be followed by 4 digits for the call number.
ec00cw        for    Eau Claire Mss CW
gb0015        for    Green Bay Mss 15
lx000q         for    La Crosse Mss Q
mil00051     for    Milwaukee Mss 51
                          [Note: Use 5 digits rather than 4. Originally “milw” was used for Milwaukee Mss,
                           but this overlapped with Milwaukee County local government records.]
nort000c      for    Northland Mss C
osh00ab       for    Oshkosh Mss AB
pks0011       for    Parkside Mss 11
pltv000l        for    Platteville Mss L
rf00ev          for    River Falls Mss EV
stpt000f       for    Stevens Point Mss F
stou0012     for    Stout Mss 12
sup00af       for    Superior Mss AF
whit00ch      for    Whitewater Mss CH
Audio collections (not part of a large manuscript collection)
Audio collections that are not part of a manuscript collection; or where audio is the major component. [Since all new audio is getting Audio numbers and old tape numbers are switching to Audio any new registers will use audio format. For old finding aids being worked on have the file name changed to fit new format.]
audi + 5 digits + a
audi01513a    for    Audio 1513A
Old forms [all new audio should be filed under audio number]
tape + 6 digits
disc + 4 digits
Photograph Collections (not part of a large manuscript collection)
ph + 5 digits [note do not include size designation in parenthesis]
    ph04274          for    PH 4274
    ph00002          for    PH 2 (3)
    phmss00495    for    PH Mss 495
Moving Image Collections
Call number + 3 digits
    ad038        for    AD 038-AD 039; CB 435-CB 436
    fg152         for    FG 152-FG 249; DC 606-DC 631
Use name of program [old practice]
screendirectors    for    Screen Directors Playhouse
McCormick Collection
mcc + 5 digits
mcc0001e    for    McCormick Mss 1E; McCormick Mss 2E
neb00a        for    Nebraska Mss A
iowa00a       for    Iowa Mss A
                           [not to be confused with Iowa County
                           materials under “Iowa Series”]
rfmicr0024    for    River Falls Micro 24
rf0sc361       for    River Falls SC 361

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