Cisco VoIP - Accessing voicemail from a telephone

How to access your voicemail from a telephone

Call Cisco Unity Connection

  • From your desk phone: dial 262-2500 or press the Messages button on your phone.
  • From outside your organization: dial 608-262-2500
  • If you are calling from a phone number that is NOT the number with the voicemail box, press * when Cisco Unity Connection answers.
  1. If prompted, enter your Connection ID (your 7-digit phone number), and press #.
  2. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and press #. Your initial PIN is 343842.
You can also access your voicemail messages on the web, see Cisco VoIP - Voicemail Portal Sign in and Overview

Forgot PIN?

  • Voicemail boxes assigned to common accounts (SMPH Front Desk, Lobby Phone)
    • Submit a Change Request Form
    • Select Voicemail Changes
    • Provide the phone number that needs to have it's voicemail PIN reset
  • Voicemail boxes assigned to employees with NetIDs (John Doe, Jack Sparrow)
    • Submit a Change Request Form or contact the DoIT Help Desk 
    • Select Voicemail Changes
    • Provide the phone number that needs to have it's voicemail PIN reset

Main Menu and Shortcuts

Main Menu and Shortcuts
 Key(s)  Action
 1  Play new messages
 2  Send a message
 3  Review old messages
 3 2  Review deleted messages
 4  Change setup options
 4 1  Change greetings
 4 1 2  Turn on/off alternate greeting
 4 1 3  Edit other greetings
 4 2 1  Change message notification
 4 2 3   Select full or brief menus
 4 3 1  Change PIN
 4 3 2  Change recorded names
 4 4  Change transfer settings
 5  Find messages
 5 1  Find messages from a user
 5 2  Find messages from all outside callers
 5 3  Find messages from a specific outside caller

During Message Menu

While listening to a message, press:

During Message Menu
 Key(s)  Action
 1  Rewind
 11  Repeat message
 2  Pause/Resume
 3  Fast-forward
 33  Skip to end of message
 4  Slow playback
 6  Fast playback
 #  Skip message, save as is

After Message Menu

After listening to a message, press: 

After Message Menu
 Key(s)  Action
 1  Rewind
 4  Repeat message
 5  Play message properties
 6  Forward message
 7  Delete
 8  Reply
 83  Reply to all
 88  Call the sender
 9  Save
 #  Save as is
 ##  Save as new

Entering Recipients

To change entry mode, press:

 Key(s)  Action
 ##  Switch between addressing a message by name and addressing by extension

Selecting Recipients

To select recipients from a list, press:

Selecting Recipients
 Key(s)  Action
 0  Help
 1  Repeat name
 7  Previous name
 77  First name in list
 9  Next name
 99  Last name in list
#  Select name
 *  Exit list

Send Message Menu

After addressing and recording, press:

Send Message Menu
 Key(s)  Action
 1  Mark urgent
 2  Request return receipt
 3  Mark private
 4  Request future delivery
 5  Review recording
 6  Rerecord
 7  Add to recording
 91  Add a recipient
 92  Play all recipients (and delete recipients)
 *  Cancel message
 #  Send message

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance

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