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How to process lost resource sharing items.

 Updated Lost RS loan procedures 

1.Borrowing campus identifies lost RS loans more than 120 days, via analytics report.  This report is sent out the beginning of each month.   
o Contact the patron one more time to say we are billing or blocking them if they don’t return it within 30 days. 
o Borrowing campus confirms that item is not on their shelves by mistake. (Madison and Colleges would want to send it out to all their libraries to check).
o Send General Message to Lending campus asking them to verify it is not on their shelves. 
* Suggested Message: Lost RS item. Please check your shelves. If not found, update lending request status to lost. If the lending campus finds the item, they should check it in and update the Borrowing campus to let them know the loan/mini-bib can be completed.
2.In the RS Borrowing list
o Flip the status to “Report Lost to Partner”  
o In the Fulfillment note of the item, add the code “rslost” (this prevents it from showing up on next month’s report).
3.In the RS Lending list
o Flip the status to “Lost” in the Lending queue after verifying it is not on the shelves or at your library.  
A couple of caveats: We know campuses will want to clear out and remove their lost items on the lending side. Please don't.  At this time when you clear the item or check it in on the lending side, it deletes it from the borrowing side and completes the request. Only check in items if they are on hand and have been returned or located, or once year we received an okay from the CUWL directors to write off lost RS items.  
Also note that if a patron pays the lost replacement fee, the money is paid to the home campus of the patron. For example, if a UW-Madison patron loses a UW-Milwaukee book and decides to pay the replacement fee of $100, the fee is paid to UW-Madison NOT UW-Milwaukee. Patrons can purchase a replacement copy for the lending campus if they desire. Damaged books are charged the lost/replacement fee of $100, if the book is deemed unusable.
Here is a link of Resource Sharing contacts by campus: -
If you have trouble telling which campus the RS item is from, check your borrowing queue as the partner information is there. Also, you can trace info by refering to this campus troubleshooting table here: -

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