Office 365 - Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the chat-based workspace in Office 365. It's the hub for team chats, calls, meetings, and messages. Microsoft Teams is extensible and customizable, and it's secured and standards-compliant to make sure your company's most sensitive collaborations are private.

Note: Microsoft Teams is a separate application that you can integrate with other Office 365 features such as Groups. For more information about Groups, please view: Office 365 - Getting Started with Groups. As of 6/10/2019, Groups created via Outlook on the web, Outlook desktop, Outlook mobile, SharePoint, Microsoft Stream, and Microsoft Teams are now created Private by Default.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365

  • How can I access Microsoft Teams?

    Microsoft Teams can be accessed via a browser or desktop client.

  • Who can create a Microsoft Team?

    Any UW-Madison Office 365 user who has a Microsoft Teams license. Create a team.

  • Who can access Microsoft Teams?

    Only accounts that have an Office 365 Teams license -Service Accounts cannot access Microsoft Teams.

  • What email address should you use to login into Teams application?

    You can use any UW-Madison Office 365 email address.

  • Who can be invited to a Microsoft Team?

    Any Microsoft or Office 365 account can participate within the Microsoft Team. As an example, if a user outside of UW-Madison's Office 365 implementation (e.g. a UWHealth Office 365 user) is invited to a Team, they will need to log into our Office 365 environment to successfully interact with the Team.

    Important: If the Office 365 account you are attempting to add is hidden in the GAL (Global Address List), it cannot be added through the Teams/Group client. You will need to use the administration site to add this member.

  • How is Microsoft Teams different from Office 365 Groups?

    Microsoft Teams is built upon Office 365 Groups and provides a new way to access shared assets for an Office 365 Group. Microsoft Teams is the best solution for persistent chat among group/team members.

  • Can I add a Microsoft Team to an existing Office 365 Group?

    Yes. When creating a new team in Microsoft Teams, an owner of an existing private Office 365 Group has an option to use the membership in the Office 365 Group to create the team. Create a team from an existing group.

  • Can I create a new Teams using the Microsoft Teams app?

    Yes - but when a new team is created via Microsoft Teams application, the Office 365 Group associated with that team will not appear in Outlook. The group will not be visible in the Outlook left hand navigation and will not be visible in the address book (Global Address List - GAL). Additionally, the group name will not resolve when attempting to resolve the address while authoring a new mail message in Outlook clients. If the associated group does not currently exist and you want the group to be visible in the GAL, then it would be easier to create the group/team using the Group interface. If the Group already exists and is hidden in the GAL, you can request to have the Group made visible in the GAL. However, for new groups/teams created via Teams, this will not make the group visible in the Outlook left hand navigation menu.

  • Can I add Microsoft Teams to an existing Yammer group?

    Yammer groups can't be activated into Microsoft Teams. However, you can add a Yammer feed as a connector to a channel in Microsoft Teams.

  • When an existing Office 365 Group is associated with a team in Microsoft Teams, what happens to the group conversation?

    The group email conversation remains in Microsoft Outlook. In Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Group members can use chat to communicate in a separate service within Teams.


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