Cisco VoIP - Using speed dials on 7841 and 8851 phones

Instruction on how to use speed dials for the 8851 and 7841 Cisco VoIP phones. To check which phone model you have, press Applications and select Phone information. The Model number field shows your phone model.

You can assign buttons or codes to quickly dial the numbers of people you call often. Before you can use speed-dial features on your phone, set up speed dial in the Self Care portal.

Before You Begin

Set up speed-dial codes in the Self Care portal. Cisco VoIP - Setting speed dials on your telephone in the Self Care Portal If you do not have access to the Self Care portal, please have your authorized user place a Change request to add speed dials. Cisco VoIP Request Forms

Make a Call with a Speed-Dial Button

The speed dial buttons are the buttons arranged vertically along each side of the phone screen. Press the button next to the speed dial you wish to use. 

The first button is always for the primary line of the phone and cannot be used for speed dials. Additional lines on your phone may occupy other speed dial buttons. You can see only as many speed-dial numbers as you have available speed dial buttons For example, you add 15 speed dial numbers in the Self Care portal but your phone has four available speed dial buttons. You will only be able to see the first four speed dial numbers from the list of speed-dial numbers on your telephone. To see the other speed dial numbers, please follow the instructions below.

7841 model

You can view additional speed dials by pressing the bottom white dot on the navigation ring at the center of the phone. This feature is not available on the 8851 phones.

8851 model

You can buy an expansion module (also known as a sidecar) to display more speed dials on the 8851. These expansion modules can be purchased at Shop@UW. By default, the 8851 reserves the 5 right speed dial buttons for other features. If you would like to use these buttons for speed dials, please have your authorized user fill out a Change Request. Cisco VoIP Request Forms

Speed dial vs BLF

The speed dials that you set up in the Self Care portal are simply speed dials. Cisco also supports a feature called Busy Lamp Field (BLF). A BLF button works as a speed dial but it will also let you know if that line is in use. This feature cannot be set up by a user; only administrators can set this up. If you are interested in this feature, please have your authorized user fill out a Change Request. Cisco VoIP Request Forms

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance

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