Canvas - How to open a Canvas file, CSCR, or Captivate module in a new tab

CSCR is no longer being actively developed nor is it centrally supported by the Learn@UW-Madison team. Additionally, while CSCR modules can be loaded into Canvas courses, they cannot be connected to the Canvas gradebook. A team from the Teaching and Learning Technology Advisory Group (TLTAG) created a recommendation for alternate tools that you can see here.

Support for CSCR including the bulk of CSCR documentation and downloads were discontinued and removed on 6/1/18.

This document outlines how to open a file in a Canvas course in a new tab without the Canvas menu on the top and left side of the screen. This is commonly used to open interactive modules from tools like Adobe Captivate, and CSCR.

Prior to starting these instructions login to Canvas and go to the course you want to open a file or module in a new tab. You should also either have uploaded the file or interactive module to your Canvas Files tool. Instructions on uploading a CSCR module to Canvas are in: Canvas - Uploading a CSCR module to Canvas (UW-Madison)

  1. Click on the Files tool. Locate your interactive module in the Files tool. Here, they are labeled "CSCR TEST STANDARD". Right click the "index.html" file within the list (#3) and select "Copy Link Address". This document refers to CSCR, but you can also use these instructions for other file types and tools like Adobe Captivate. For interactive modules you will generally want to select the index.html file in the interactive module's folder in the Files tool:

  2. Click on the Canvas Modules tool.  Click the "+" within the Module that you'd like the activity to be nestled. In the pop-up menu, select Content Page from the drop-down menu. Then select [New Page]. Give the page a page name. Click the Add Item button:

  3. Click the page you've just created. Note that it will appear at the bottom of all content within the Module. Click the Edit button on the upper right corner of the page. Within the text box, type some content that will turn into a hyperlink ("Activity 1"). Highlight that text and click the Link to URL icon above the text box:

  4. Right click to paste your URL from step 1. Click the Insert Link button:

    TROUBLESHOOT: Make sure at the start of the link, there are not two instances of "https://"

  5. Above the text box, press the blue "HTML Editor" button.

  6. Immediately after the endquote that already appears in the box, type the following and surround it with 1 space on either side: target="_blank". Click the Save button if you want to continue working on it later or Save & Publish button if you want to publish the page.

    You now have an active link that will take you and your students to a separate tab/window where they can view the activity:

Thank you to LSS and Kyle Johnson for sharing this with Learn@UW Madison to share more widely with campus.

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