VuGen - Create scripts emulating an IT user

Introduction to VuGen

VuGen is an HP application that emulates a user performing a task under a variety of protocols.  We use it as a tool to create plug-in scripts that can be configured as monitors under Nagios.

VuGen records a human task into an executable script that can repeatedly execute this task in the form of a monitor.  For example, you can use a Web - HTTP/HTML Vuser Script to emulate users operating Web browsers. You can use FTP Vusers to emulate an FTP session.  Protocols include:

.NET - Supports the recording of Microsoft .NET client-server technologies.

Ajax (Click & Script) - An acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax (Click & Script) uses asynchronous HTTP requests, allowing Web pages to request small bits of information instead of whole pages.

C Vuser - A generic virtual user which uses the standard C library.

Citrix ICA - A remote access tool, allowing users to run specific applications on external machines.

COM/DCOM - Component Object Model (COM) - a technology for developing reusable software components.

(DNS) Domain Name Resolution - The DNS protocol is a low-level protocol that allows you to emulate the actions of a user working against a DNS server.  The DNS protocol emulates a user accessing a Domain Name Server to resolve a host name with its IP address.

Flex - Flex is an application development solution for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) within the enterprise and across the Web. Action Message Format (AMF), is a Macromedia proprietary protocol that allows Flash Remoting binary data to be exchanged between a Flash application and an application server over HTTP.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) -  a system which transfers files from one location to another over a network.  The FTP protocol is a low-level protocol that allows you to emulate the actions of a user working against an FTP server.

IMAP (Internet Messaging) - a protocol which enables clients to read email from a mail server.

Java over HTTP - Designed to record java-based applications and applets. It produces a Java language script using web functions. This protocol is distinguished from other Java protocols in that it can record and replay Java remote calls over HTTP.

Java Record Replay - Common Java recorder.

Java Vuser - Java programming language with protocol level support.

LDAP (Listing Directory Service) - An Internet protocol designed to allow email applications to look up contact information from a server.

MAPI (Microsoft Exchange) - Messaging Application Programming Interface designed to allow applications to send and receive email messages.

Mobile Application HTTP/HTML - Enables the recording of mobile native applications.

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) - a protocol providing a common interface for accessing databases.

Oracle 2 Tier - Oracle database using a standard 2-tier client/server architecture.

Oracle Web - The Oracle Applications interface that performs actions over the Web. This Vuser type detects actions on both the API and Javascript levels.

Oracle NCA - Oracle 3-tier architecture database consisting of Java client, Web server and database.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) - A protocol designed to allow single computers to retrieve email from a mail server.

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) - A remote access tool using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to run applications on an external machine.

RTE (Remote Terminal Emulator) - Emulation of users who submit input to, and receive output from, character-based applications.

SAP GUI - An Enterprise Resource Planning system to integrate key business and management processes using the SAP GUI client for Windows.

SAP Web - An Enterprise Resource Planning system to integrate key business and management processes using the SAP Portal or Workplace clients.

Siebel Web - A Customer Relationship Management Application.

Silverlight - A protocol for Silverlight based applications emulating user activity at the transport level. Allows generating high level scripts by automatically importing and configuring WSDL files used by the application.

SMP (SAP Mobile Platform) - A protocol for recording actions on a mobile SAP application.

SMTP (Simple Mail Protocol) - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - a system for distributing mail to a particular machine.

Teradici PCoIP Protocol Supports testing on the Teradici platform.

TruClient Mobile Web - Enables the recording of mobile browser based applications using the TruClient technology.

TruClient Native Mobile - Records native mobile applications using the TruClient technology.

TruClient Web - An advanced protocol for modern JavaScript-based applications emulating user activity within a Web browser. Scripts are developed interactively from within a Web browser.

Web HTTP/HTML - Emulation of communication between a browser and Web server on an HTTP or HTML level.

Web Services - Web Services are a programmatic interface for applications to communicate with one another over the World Wide Web.

Windows Sockets - The standard network programming interface for the Windows platform. 

Though any of these protocols or combination of protocols may be used, the vast majority of current VuGen-based monitors are recorded as single protocol monitors using Web HTTP/HTML or TruClient Web. 

To obtain access to VuGen, make a request to for access to the Vugen Dev system.  We will arrange an account for you on the VuGen dev server and make arrangements to give you a tutorial session on using the VuGen application.  After you develop a successful script we will work with you to connect the script to Nagios with the appropriate CMDB CI association and adding the monitor to the Enterprise system.

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