ECMS - Rebuilding or replacing a scanning workstation

This document details the recommended steps to take when rebuilding or replacing a scanning workstation for use with the Imaging Service. It is highly recommended that the following steps be carried out by a department's dedicated IT staff members.

Note: While the Imaging Team can provide best effort support for scanners, primary support for scanner hardware and software (Kofax VRS and Paperstream IP) generally falls on departmental IT. See ECMS - Scanner Support for more information.

  1. Backup Configuration Files

    1. Write down the computer name of the workstation for later use.
    2. Back up all applicable files listed in ECMS - Backing up configuration files for scanner workstations.
  2. Install scanner drivers

    Scanners that interface directly with the Imaging System will use either ISIS or TWAIN drivers. Additionally, Kofax VRS (for ISIS) or Paperstream IP (TWAIN) will need to be installed.

    1. Locate the installation media that came with the scanner.
    2. Use the installation media to install the scanner driver (ISIS or TWAIN).
    3. Use the installation media to install the scanner software (Kofax VRS or Paperstream Capture).
  3. Restore scanner configuration files

    Scanner configuration files and licensing files that were backed up in step 1 should be restored or imported.

  4. Install Perceptive Content

    See [Link for document 31846 is unavailable at this time] for instructions.

  5. Restore Perceptive Content configuration files

    The following Perceptive Content configuration files:

    • inscan.xml
    • indevice.xml

    should be restored to the following folder:

    • [Drive]:\Program Files\ImageNow         - or -
    • [Drive]:\Program Files (x86)\ImageNow

  6. NOTE: When a user launches Perceptive Content for the first time on a given workstation, an ImageNow directory is created in %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming (copied from Program Files). If this happens before the configuration files are restored, the configuration files will need to be copied to the user's ImageNow directory as well.

  7. Notify the Imaging Team

    Send the computer name of the workstation that has been replaced or rebuilt to The Imaging Team will free the license for the old workstation, which will prevent any licensing conflicts from arising on the new workstation.

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