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This document describes the My Courses widget and contains answers to frequently asked questions.

The My Courses widget has two views, the "Standard" view, listing all available courses in a hierarchical structure, and the "Search" (sometimes referred to as the "Administrator") view, listing just the recently accessed courses in a table.

Example Standard View

Standard View

Example Search View

Search View

Any user in a cascading role has the Search view.

For non-cascading roles, the view seen by a user is determined by the number of courses the user is enrolled in. The campus site administrator determines the threshold number of courses a user can have before the view switches from the Standard view to the Search view. For example, if the threshold has been set at 25, a user enrolled in 25 or fewer courses will see the Standard view in the My Courses widget. A user enrolled in more than 25 courses will see the Search view in the My Courses widget.

The Search view can be disconcerting at first. When you access the widget, you see the last X courses you have accessed, where X is a number set by the campus site administrator. If this number is 25 (as in the example above), but you have not yet accessed any courses, the first time you view the widget, if the Search view is in effect, you see no courses in your My Courses widget. This can be alarming! To see your courses, press the Search button that resembles a magnifying glass ( Search ) with an empty Search field. This will bring up an alphabetical, paginated list of all the courses in which you are enrolled. You can use the various limiters under Show Search Options to refine the list of courses you see. Once you visit a course, that course will be listed in your My Courses Widget the next time you access it, because it will be one of the last 25 courses accessed.

Note: Users with the Search view in effect that have been recently enrolled in a new or existing course might not be aware of it unless they periodically do a search.

For Users With Multiple Roles

If you are enrolled in courses with more than one role, you will see the list of your courses for each of your roles separately. Usually you will see buttons near the top of the My Courses widget containing the names of your roles. Press a button to see your courses for that role.

For example:

My Courses widget with tabbed pages

If you are enrolled in courses with more than three or four roles, you may see a role drop-down box instead of buttons. This is because the required number and size of the buttons would not comfortably fit within the My Courses widget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don't I see any courses in My Courses?

You may not be able to see any of your courses for any of the following reasons:

  • You have the Search View and have not yet accessed any courses. Press the Search button that resembles a magnifying glass ( Search ) to get an alphabetical listing of all your courses. The listing may extend for several pages.
  • The My Courses Widget is collapsed. Click on the control ( > ) at the upper right corner of the widget to expand it.
  • You have the Standard view and the term you need is collapsed. Click on the control ( > ) at the right of the term to expand it.
  • You are a student whose courses are not active. Inactive courses will not be displayed.

All my courses are mixed up.  Why don't I seem them organized by Semester like I used to?

You probably have the Search view.  The semester information is displayed by each course.  You can use the search feature to find all your courses for a given semester.  Once each course is accessed, it will appear in the list of most recently accessed courses.

I'm enrolled in a course but it's not on my list.

If you have the Standard view, you should see all courses in which you are enrolled, regardless of whether they have been accessed.  If you have the Search view, you should search for the course (a search on an empty search box will bring up all courses, alphabetically) and access it to get it on your list of recently accessed courses.

It is also possible that the course has not been activated by the instructor. If your enrollment occurred recently, the integration process may not have taken effect yet. You should re-check in the morning.

How can I get my old view back?

If you have a non-cascading role, the only way to return to the Standard view is if the campus site administrator sets a higher threshold for switching to the Search view. If you have a cascading role, the Search view will always be in effect, no matter how high the threshold is set.

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