UWMSN - Non-Resident Alien Scholarship Lump Sum Payment Procedure

This document is used by department and division Payroll Coordinators on the UW-Madison campus to determine and manage lump sum payments to non-resident aliens.

  • This document applies only to UW-Madison. Users from other campuses should refer to documentation intended for their campuses.

Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: Non-resident Aliens
Audience: Department and Division staff who make lump sum scholarship payments to non-resident aliens.
Overarching Process: High-level overview of how to determine and manage lump sum scholarship payments to non-resident aliens.


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Determination of Scholarships to International Students

The first step in making scholarship payments (lump sum payments) to international students is to determine if the scholarship recipient is an international student based on information from the students employing department, the student, the student information system (SIS), and/or the common scholarship application (CSA).

Once you have determined if the scholarship payment is being made to an international student, you will begin the process. When completing the transaction you should determine if the student has an Empl ID in HRS or not.

 Empl ID



 Determine if the scholarship recipient already has an Empl ID, review and follow step a or b.

a) if you are paying the additional pay/lump sum payment to an existing and active scholar or fellow employee record, skip to Existing Employee Record# Steps.
b) if you are paying the additional pay/lump sum payment to a new scholar or fellow employee record, skip to Create a New Employee Record# Steps.


 If the scholarship recipient does not have an Empl ID, skip to Create a New Employee Record# Steps.

Create a New Employee Record# Steps

You will need to create a new transaction in JEMS Hire. This will create a new employee record number associated with a new employee ID or an existing employee ID. 

*JEMS Hire access is security dependent. Consult with your manager or division HR office to determine if you should have access to JEMS Hire.

JEMS HIRE Main Menu Screen




 Access the JEMS Hire main menu. You can locate the login button from the JEMS homepage.


 Select the Hire/Transfer button if you are starting the transaction for the first time.

 Select the My New Hire Basket button if you are completing a transaction.

To the top

Person Data Page

JEMS Hire Person Data Tab



 Empl ID

 If the scholarship recipient does not have an HRS record, the Empl ID field will automatically populate once the transaction is "pushed" to HRS.

 Effective date

 Enter the effective date - Use the start of the month when you want to pay them (e.g., if you want the payment to be made in May, enter in 5/1/18)

 First name

 Enter the legal first name 

 Last name

 Enter the legal last name

 Date of birth

 Enter the date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) 


 Enter the gender

 Ethnic group

 Enter the ethnic group if the employee provides it (*not a required field) 

 Adj Continuous Service Date

 Leave blank

 National ID

 Enter the social security number. If unknown at the time of completing the transaction, enter in XXX-XX-XXXX 

 Foreign National

 Check the foreign national box

To the top

Person Contact Tab

Complete the person contact tab.

JEMS Hire Person Contact Tab

To the top

Position Data Tab

JEMS HIRE Position Data Tab



 Position Effective Dat

 Enter the position effective date - Enter the same data as the job effective date


 Enter the department  

 Empl Class

 Select Fellow, Scholar, Trainee, AOF (SA1)

 Job Code

 Select Y21NN (Fellow) or Y22NN (Scholar) - If unsure, default to Y22NN.


 Enter 0 in the FTE

 Back-up for limited appointment

 Select no 

 Reports to field

 Leave blank

 FLSA status

 Leave blank

 Continuity code

 Select 02A

 Job Security

 Leave blank 

 Guaranteed length

 Leave blank 

To the top

Job Data Tab

JEMS Hire Job Data Tab



 Hire Type

 Select Hire

 Empl Rcd

 If the employee has an HRS record, enter in employee record number that the additional pay/lump sum payment will be made to.

 If the employee does not have an HRS record, leave the employee record number blank. The system will create employee record #0 when the transaction is "pushed" to HRS.

 Action Reason

 the action reason will automatically populate

 Effective Date

 Enter the effective date 

 Working title

 Enter the working title 

 Expected end date

 Student Assistants with a continuity code of 02A require an expected end date be entered into the transaction

 Criminal background check

 Leave blank

 Position of trust

 Select the blank option

 Probation type

 Leave blank

 Probation end date

 Leave blank

 Seasonal status

 Leave blank 

 Additional pay/lump sum

 Enter in the dollar amount of the additional pay/lump sum 

 Pay basis

 Select lump on the pay basis 

 Comp rate

 Leave blank 

To the top

Benefits Tab

Complete the benefits tab. 

HR Contact Tab

Complete the HR Contact tab. This HR contact tab is used to identify the primary, funding, and additional contacts for the transaction.

Error Checking the Transaction

Once you have completed all of the tabs, you should check the transaction for errors. Under the tools menu, select error check current status. Use the JEMS error check knowledge base document (insert link) for detailed instructions on this function.

JEMS Hire Error Checking

Submitting the Transaction

After you have corrected any errors, send the transaction to the next step in the process. Dependent on your role you will have access to some or all of the options in the actions drop-down menu. 

The typical order in which the transaction is completed is Submit > Approve > Send to HRS.

JEMS HIRE Actions drop down

If the scholarship recipient does have an active scholar or fellow HRS employee record, complete the following steps. You will also use these steps once the Create a New Employee Record # steps and the transaction is "pushed" to HRS.





 Determine tax status 

 Everyone needs an employee ID in HRS. Once the scholarship recipient has an Empl ID, send 1st email to glacier@ohr.wisc.edu to determine tax status: Resident Alien (RA) or Nonresident Alien (NRA)

  • Send the 1st email to Glacier inbox no later than the last Monday of the prior month you wish to pay the additional pay/lump sum payment to the scholar/fellow. See additional resources for Timeline resource.
  • The 1st email subject line should be - XM - NRA Scholarship for [insert UDDS] (X= number of the month).
  • Use the spreadsheet form the Glacier team has provided. See additional resources for the spreadsheet.
  • It is important to note that spreadsheets will be reviewed on a "first come-first serve" basis.


 Notify scholarship recipient of Glacier requirement

 It is the responsibility of the department or division HR office to notify the employee of the Glacier requirement. See additional resources for form.


 Wait for notification

 The Glacier team will return the spreadsheet within two business days with the following results:

  • Resident Alien: Do not follow this process. Make payment as you would a U.S. Citizen through the Bursar's office.
  • Nonresident Alien: Continue to step (insert step)
  • Glacier incomplete: Glacier team send an email to the employee to complete Glacier submission as soon as possible. The department HR point of contact will be copied on this email.


The department or division HR office can enter the funding of the additional pay into HRS as soon as they receive an Oracle email with the employee record number.

*Do not use program code 9 for these payments.


 Determine if Glacier has been set-up

 After the scholar/fellow appointment is in HRS, determine if the nonresident alien employee has completed their Glacier requirements.

  • Send a 2nd email to the Glacier inbox 9-11 business days prior to the payroll calculation date for the monthly calc you wish to pay the scholar/fellow. See additional resources for the timeline document for exact dates.
  • The Glacier team will return the spreadsheet within two business days. The spreadsheets are reviewed on a "first-come, first served" basis.
  • If the Glacier account is "complete" and the scholar/fellow is set-up, the Glacier team will send notification that it is okay to pay. You must wait until you have received notification before moving onto the next step.
  • If the Glacier account is incomplete, the Glacier team will contact the employee to remind them they must complete their Glacier submission. 


 Enter the additional pay/lump sum payment into HRS

After receiving the okay to pay email from the Glacier team, the department or division HR can enter the lump sum scholarship payment into HRS as additional pay (see HRS KB# 17094 for additional pay instructions).

*The additional pay must be entered prior to the first pay sheet creation. See the additional resources timeline document for exact dates.

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Business Process Considerations

  • The student's taxes could be incorrect and require additional tax collection if Glacier is not complete.
  • Do not send the Glacier team request for a future month until the current monthly payroll has calculated.  For example, while working on the 2M, do not send requests for the 3M or 4M scholarships.
  • The dates and turnaround time is driven by the UW-Shared Services payroll monthly schedule and nightly processes run by Glacier. Refer to the timeline for each month.
  • Department or division forwards the direct deposit forms to OHR-Payroll, 21 N. Park Street. Suite 5101.
  • The I-9 form is not required since scholar/fellow is a non-service payment.
  • Payments can be made via the monthly payroll on-cycle process. They do not meet the missed payroll request criteria and cannot be paid on the bi-weekly payroll. 


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