AWS - Requesting an existing AWS Account be transferred to the UW-Madison contract

Existing AWS accounts can be transferred to the UW-Madison Enterprise agreement.

Requesting an existing AWS Account be transferred to the UW-Madison contract

Before requesting an existing non-enterprise AWS account be transferred to the UW-Madison contract, please note that there are a few differences between non-enterprise and enterprise (UW-Madison) accounts:
  • [Pricing]The pricing and billing structure is different from retail for UW-Madison, but the net cost to campus customers will be equal to or less than Amazon's published rates.
  • [Billing] DLT bills UW-Madison at the end of the month following a billing cycle, and campus customers will see charges hit their account in that following month.  Bills for STRIDES AWS accounts (FourPoints) will be charged within 2 months of the usage.  More details can be found in AWS - Pricing, Billing FAQ
  • [Billing] The features included in the billing dashboard are different for enterprise customers. More details on how to track costs can be found in AWS - Tracking Costs Associated with an AWS Account 
  • [Billing] Spending alerts for enterprise accounts cannot be set via the AWS console. Previously created CloudWatch Billing alarms will become inactive. To request a monthly spending quota, see AWS - Tracking Costs Associated with an AWS Account 
  • [Billing] AWS will invoice for the portion of the month before being migrated.  So if you migrate half way through a billing cycle you will need to cover that part of the invoice yourself.  The second half will be on our campus contract.
  • [Service] Some limits are placed on the tags that can be used in a UW-Madison enterprise account. More details on how tagging works with UW-Madison accounts can be found in AWS - Tagging with an AWS Account 
  • [Service]The email address associated with the AWS account will change after it has been transferred to the UW-Madison enterprise contract
    • If you have any alerts configured to be sent to the original email address, it is recommended that you update them to go to the new account email address
  • [Service] Access to the root account will be restricted. After the account has been migrated, users will need to login as a NetID user or as an AWS IAM user.
To request an existing AWS account be transferred to the UW-Madison contract, fill out the Cloud Account Request form. In the Additional Information section, note that you have an existing account that you'd like to transfer and include the following information about the existing AWS account:
  • Account Name (email address used to login): 
  • Account Number: 
  • Account Full Name

Other Requirements
  • Account must be setup to pay via credit card (can not be a member of a different organization)
  • Account must not have any outstanding charges or payment problems.
  • Account must have existing IAM accounts for the customer accounts with MFA for login.
  • Account owner must be willing to have the Account Root put under escrow by the UW Cloud Team. That root account will no longer be accessible by the account owner.
After you submit your responses, your account should be migrated in about a week. A transfer invite will come from AWS to join the UW Madison Organization (organization number o-vjagfwaf09) You will be contacted by UW-Madison staff once your account has been migrated.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas please Contact Us

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