SCRO ARROW Guidance: Getting Started

This page provides guidance for investigators using ARROW to get protocols started.
1. Log in to ARROW with your NetID and password.

2. Start application by clicking the "Start ARROW Application IRB, IACUC, BIO, SCRO" button.

Click on Start ARROW application button to begin your protocol.

Select the SCRO Protocol from the list

Select SCRO Protocol from the list of "ARROW Application Types"
You may create a new protocol or copy a previous one

Select Create Copy a SCRO Protocol

Once you have selected your option, you can begin writing the new protocol or edit a previous protocol.  Click "Save" and "Exit" when you're finished.

3. Saving and navigating work in ARROW.

Click "Continue" or "Save" on the top or bottom of the pages to save your work. 

Click "Continue" to move forward through your protocol and the back browser button to move to the previous page.  Note: You must click "Save" before moving to the previous page or you may lose your work.

You can jump to different sections of the protocol by using the "Jump To" menu at the top of the screen.  "Jump To" creates a drop-down menu from which you can select a particular form. This menu will change depending on how you answer questions throughout the protocol application.

"Jump To" form selection drop-down menu

4. Check Training Status
Stem Cell Ethics and Policy Training is required for principal investigators, co-investigators, points of contact, key personnel and other study team members listed on a SCRO protocol.  Training is available through Canvas in Learn@UW and expires every three years.  To check the training status of individuals listed on a SCRO protocol click "Record Training Snapshot" on the left side of the protocol workspace.

Record Training Snapshot allows one to determine if everyone listed on the protocol has completed the training.

If individuals need to complete training, you can send a reminder from ARROW.  Select "Send Reminder to Update Training" from the list of activities in the left menu bar.

Send a training reminder from ARROW to individuals listed that have not completed the training requirement.

This will show you a list of individuals.  Click "Ok" to send training reminders.

Click "OK" to send training reminders.

The "History Tab" in the protocol workspace will also show actions you, SCRO reviewers, and or staff have taken on a protocol.

The "History Tab" will display actions you and others have taken on a protocol.
5. Submit your protocol for review
Once your protocol is complete and ready to submit, if you oareworkin in the protocol, you need to click "Ready to Submit in the lower right corner of the "Certifications Form"

Click "Ready To Submit" on the Certifications Form for instructions on how to submit the protocol.

If you would like to continue to work on the protocol, click "Cancel."  "Exit" will take you to the protocol workspace and you will see the submit button on the left side of the page.

The "Submit Button" will submit your protocol for review by staff and reviewers.

Once submitted, the state of the protocol will change from "Pre-Submission" to "Submitted Not Accepted." Underneath the state of the protocol, you can track whether action is needed.

Use the State of the Protocol to track whether action is needed on the protocol

You can also track the state of your protocol in the diagram in the protocol workspace.  The diagram updates as the protocol moves through review.
The diagram provides information on where the protocol is in the review process.

You will receive an email from ARROW if additional information is needed before review, if modifications are required, or of the review decision (approved, required modifications, etc.).

6. Action Required Alerts
On the "My Home" page, a list of all your in process protocols (IRB, IACUC, BIO, SCRO) are visible under "My Inbox" along with "Action Required" alerts.  These alerts will either provide directions on the type of action required or be informational with "No Action Required."

Use the Study Team Workspace MY INBOX to track whether action is needed on a protocol.

"Action Required" alerts are also displayed in the workspace for each protocol.

Action Required information is also displayed in the workspace for each protocol.

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