SCRO ARROW General Guidance

This page provides SCRO ARROW general guidance
This page will provide general guidance for SCRO ARROW. 

MY INBOX: The MY INBOX allows you to quickly track protocols across oversight committees.  The right column will allow you to quickly assess if action is needed on a particular protocol.
The MY INBOX allows you to track protocols across oversight committees.

SCRO Tab: The SCRO Tab will only show SCRO protocols. 

The SCRO Tab will allow you to navigate all of your SCRO ARROW protocols.

If you know your protocol number, you can search by protocol ID.
The Search function will allow you to locate your protocol

In addition to protocol ID, you can change the filter to search by:
You can change the filter to search by other options.

Protocol Workspace:

Once in the protocol workspace, you can track the state of your protocol with the diagram that appears in the center of the screen.  This updates as the protocol is submitted and reviewed.
The status diagram updates as the protocol is submitted and reviewed.

You can also track whether action is needed in the left menu
The left meu will also indicate whether action is needed on a protocol.

Training Reminders:
You can view training completions, check for expired training, and send training reminders from the protocol workspace. 
Select Record Training Snapshot to view SCRO trainings for those in your lab.

To send a reminder, select Send Training Reminder in the Activities section.  This will give you a list of individuals who will receive training reminders.
Select Send Reminder to Update Training to individulas with incomplete or expired stem cell ethics and policy training.A list of individuals who need to complete stem cell ethics and policy training will appear.

While working in the protocol, you can use the "Jump To" function to easily navigate to another form in the protocol. The menu will change as conditional questions are answered.
The Jump To allows you to see all forms in the protocol and navigate more quickly.

Once a protocol is complete, navigate to the protocol workspace and select Submit on the left menu bar.

Click the submit button to send to SCRO for review.

PDF: If you would like to create a PDF of your protocol, select Export Protocol to PDF in the Activities section.

Export Protocol to PDF allows you to create a PDF of your protocol.

A window will pop up, click on Generate PDF Snapshot.

Click on Generate PDF Snapshot to create the PDF.

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