ECMS - Enable Desktop Client Debuging

This document explains how to enable or disable desktop client logging.
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Occasionally it may be useful to create a log file of the Perceptive Content client activity. There are two ways to do this, one by editing the imagenow.ini file used by the client when it starts, and the other by using the Content Client taskbar. Both options are detailed below.

Using the Content Client to create, view, and delete log files

  1. Login to the Content Client
  2. With your keyboard and pointing device, press SHIFT and RIGHT-CLICK on the Content Client Taskbar window header (not the menubar area or the button area):
  3. A dropdown menu will appear, as the image shows with Logging as its top item. Clicking on it with your pointing device will reveal a second dropdown menu.
  4. This second menu allows you to specify a logging level, or disable logging if previously enabled. The farther down the menu you go, the greater detail will be captured in the log file. Select a log level.
  5. Exit and Re-run the Content Client to begin logging at the logging level selected.
  6. This same dropdown menu provides options for Viewing the log and Deleting the log, as the image shows. By default the View option opens the log in Windows Notepad.

Manually editing the imagenow.ini file

  1. In Windows File explorer, navigate to: C:\Users\<your_login_id>\AppData\Roaming\ImageNow\ (replace <your_login_id> with your desktop login ID).
  2. In this folder find and open the file: imagenow.ini in a TEXT editor like Notepad.
  3. In the editor scroll down to (or Search for) [Logging].
  4. The line that follows should be: debug.level.file=0.
  5. Modify the value following the = sign, e.g., debug.level.file=5. The value can range from 0 to 5 with higher numbers indicating greater log detail. Greater log detail will create larger log files. For this reason it is not advised that logging be set with a high value for normal client use.
  6. Once set, Save the change and exit the editor.

With elevated logging set, run the Perceptive Content Client. Client activity will be logged into the folder C:\Users\jstalnak\AppData\Roaming\ImageNow\log\ in a file named after this pattern "imagenow_YYYYMMDD.log". Thus an actual log file would be named "imagenow_20180802.log" in the indicated folder. Imaging Team members or Hyland support personnel may be able to use the contents of this file to trouble-shot client activity issues.

To disable logging, repeat the steps above, but set the log level to 0 in Step 5.

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